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Synonyms of wash in English:


  • 1 he reached for the soap and began to wash
    clean oneself, have a wash, wash oneself;
    bathe, bath, shower, have a bath/shower, take a bath/shower, soak, douche, freshen up;
    North American  wash up
    formal or humorous perform one's ablutions
    dated make one's toilet
  • 2 Melissa slipped indoors to wash her face and hands
    clean, cleanse, sponge, scrub, wipe, scour
    literary lave
    [Antonyms] dirty, soil
  • 3 I washed and waxed the floor
    clean, cleanse, sponge, scrub, mop, hose down, squeegee, sluice (down), swill (down), douse, swab (down), flush, disinfect
    [Antonyms] dirty, soil
  • 4 she washed off the dried blood
    remove by washing, sponge off, scrub off, wipe off, rinse off, remove, flush out/away, expunge, eradicate
  • 5 a few women were washing clothes beside the shore
  • 6 I must shower and wash my hair
    shampoo, lather, clean
  • 7 gentle waves were washing against the hull
    splash, lap, splosh, dash, break, beat, strike, sweep, move, surge, ripple, roll, flow
    literary plash, lave
  • 8 wreckage was washed up on the coast of Alaska
    sweep, carry, convey, transport, move, deliver, deposit, drive
  • 9 a wave of guilt washed over her
  • 10 the stonework was washed with water-based paint
    paint, colour, apply paint to, tint, highlight, shade, dye, stain, distemper;
    coat, cover
  • 11 copper washed with silver
    plate, cover, coat, overlay, laminate, veneer, glaze, gild, silver
  • 12 informal people will see that this budget is merely an election bribe and it won't wash
    be accepted, be acceptable, be plausible, be convincing, hold up, hold water, stand up, bear scrutiny, stand the test of time, be believable/credible, pass muster, prove true, make sense
    informal stick
  • Phrases

    wash something away
    about two acres of land has been washed away
    erode, abrade, wear away, corrode, eat away, eat into, denude, grind down, undermine
    wash one's hands of
    I'm going to wash my hands of the whole business
    disown, disclaim, renounce, reject, abjure, forswear, disavow, have nothing to do with, have done with, be finished/through with, give up on, turn one's back on, cast aside, end relations with, abandon;
    Law  disaffirm
    wash up
    I cook for him, but he usually washes up
    wash the dishes, wash the crockery, do the dishes, do the washing-up
    wash something up
    he washed up the dishes
    clean, rinse, do, scrub, scour


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  • 1 her hair needs a wash he had a quick wash and shave
    shower, douche, dip, bath, soak
    formal or humorous ablutions
    rare lavation
  • 2 that shirt should really go in the wash straight away
    laundry, washing;
    dirty washing, dirty clothes, soiled linen
    British dated bagwash
  • 3 an antiseptic skin wash
    lotion, salve, application, preparation, rinse, liquid, liniment, embrocation, emulsion
  • 4 his jet ski ploughed into the wash of a motor boat
    backwash, backflow, wake, trail, train, path;
    churning, disturbance
  • 5 the wash of the waves on the pebbled beach
    surge, flow, swell, welling, sweep, undulation, rise and fall, ebb and flow, roll, splash
  • 6 water was applied to thin out the crayon into a wash
    paint, stain, varnish, coat, layer, film, overlay
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