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Synonyms of water in English:


  • 1 a glass of water
    Latin aqua
    technical H2O
    rare Adam's ale
  • 2 he had a house down by the water
    sea, ocean;
    lake, loch, pond, pool, reservoir;
    [Antonyms] land
  • Phrases

    get into hot/deep water
    whenever we spoke out, we got into hot water
    be severely reprimanded, be upbraided, be scolded, get a scolding, be admonished, be castigated, be rebuked, be chastised, be censured, be criticized severely, be taken to task, get into trouble, be hauled over the coals
    informal catch it, get what for, be told off, get hell, get into shtook, get a dressing-down, get an earful, get a roasting, get a rocket, get a rollicking, get a rap over the knuckles, get a slap on the wrist
    hold water
    there are times when this theory just does not hold water
    [Antonyms] fall down
    be tenable, ring true, bear examination/scrutiny, survive investigation, make sense, work out, stand up, hold up, be convincing, be plausible, be verifiable, be provable, be sound


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  • 1 he told me to water the plants
    sprinkle, moisten, dampen, wet, spray, splash;
    soak, douse, souse, drench, saturate, flood, waterlog;
    hose (down), water down
    archaic sodden
    [Antonyms] dry out, parch
  • 2 Ralph's eyes were watering my mouth watered as I looked at the strawberries
    moisten, exude water, become wet, leak;
    cry, weep;
  • 3 he was accused of watering the claret See water something down sense 1
  • Phrases

    water something down
  • 1 staff at the club had watered down the drinks
    dilute, add water to, water, thin (out), make thin/thinner, weaken, make weak/weaker;
    informal cut
  • 2 in the end the proposals were considerably watered down
    moderate, temper, qualify, mitigate, mute, mellow, tone down, soften;
    subdue, curb, tame, calm, bridle;
    understate, underemphasize, play down, soft-pedal, downplay
    [Antonyms] enhance, strengthen
  • Word links

    aqueous relating to water
    aqua- related prefix, as in aquaculture
    hydro- related prefix, as in hydroelectric
    hydrophobia fear of water
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