Synonyms of way in English:



  • 1 a way of reducing environmental damage
  • 2 she kissed him in her brisk way
  • 3 I've learned my lesson and changed my ways
    practice, wont, habit, custom, characteristic, policy, procedure, convention, fashion, use, routine, rule; trait, attribute, mannerism, peculiarity, idiosyncrasy, oddity; conduct, behaviour, manner, style, nature, personality, temperament, disposition, character; Latinmodus operandi, modus vivendi
    formal praxis
  • 4 he tried to remember which way led home
    road, roadway, street, thoroughfare, track, path, pathway, lane, avenue, drive, channel; route, course, direction
  • 5 I'll go out the back way
  • 6 the mill stands a short way downstream
    distance, length, stretch, journey, extent; space, interval, span, gap, separation
  • 7 April seems a long way away
    period of time, time, stretch, term, span, duration
  • 8 she swerved to miss a car coming the other way
    direction, bearing, course, orientation, line, run, tack
  • 9 informal what do they call a missel thrush down your way?
    locality, neighbourhood, area, district, locale, quarter, community, region, zone, part
    British informal manor
    North American informal hood, nabe
  • 10 in some ways, he may be better off in Birmingham
    aspect, regard, facet, respect; sense, feature, detail, point, particular, characteristic, question, connection
  • 11 I hear that the country is in a bad way
    state, condition, situation, circumstances, position; predicament, plight
    informal shape
  • Phrases

    by the way

    oh, by the way Katie, you had a callincidentallyby the byin passingen passant

    give way

  • 1 the government finally gave way and passed the bill
    yield, back down, make concessions, surrender, concede/admit defeat, give up/in, submit, succumb, raise/show the white flag; acquiesce, agree, concur, approve, assent
  • 2 he crashed into the door and it gave way
    collapse, give, fall to pieces, come apart, crumple, crumble, cave in, fall in, disintegrate, go to pieces
  • 3 she never gave way to anger
    succumb, yield, give in, submit, surrender, fall victim; be overcome by, be overwhelmed by, be conquered by
  • 4 grief gave way to a feeling of guilt
    be replaced by, be succeeded by, be followed by, be superseded by, be supplanted by, be ousted by
  • make way

    See make

    on the/one's way

    the doctor's on his waycomingimminentforthcomingapproachingimpendingclosenearon usproceedingjourneyingtravellingen routein transit

    way of life

  • 1 war in the region is hindering this traditional way of life
    culture, civilization, society, lifestyle; customs, traditions, heritage, habits, ways, mores, values
  • 2 I aim only for a society that offers a decent way of life to all
    lifestyle, way of living, manner of living, life, situation, position, state, station, condition, set of circumstances, fate, lot
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