Synonyms of wealth in English:



  • 1 a gentleman of wealth and distinction
    affluence, prosperity, opulence, riches, means, substance, luxury, well-being, plenty, deep pockets; Mammon; money, cash, lucre, capital, principal, treasure, fortune, finance; assets, possessions, resources, effects, goods, funds, valuables; property, stock, reserves, securities, holdings, belongings, chattels; ill-gotten gains
    informal wherewithal, dough, bread
    archaic pelf
    [Antonyms] poverty privation
  • 2 the coastline has a wealth of bird life a wealth of information
    abundance, profusion, plethora, mine, store, treasury, copiousness, plenitude, amplitude, bounty, cornucopia
    informal lot, load, heap, mass, pile, mountain, ocean, sea, stack, ton
    British informal shedload
    Australian/New Zealand informal swag
    vulgar slang shitload
    North American vulgar slang assload
    [Antonyms] dearth lack
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