Synonyms of well in English:



  • 1 I am sure you will behave well
    satisfactorily, in a satisfactory manner/way, nicely, correctly, rightly, properly, fittingly, suitably, aptly, appropriately
    [Antonyms] badly
  • 2 they get on well together
    [Antonyms] badly
  • 3 he plays the piano well
    [Antonyms] poorly
  • 4 treating employees well makes good business sense
    decently, fairly, civilly, politely, genially, kindly, in a kind/kindly way, generously, hospitably;
    respectably, honestly
    [Antonyms] harshly
  • 6 I know her quite well
    intimately, thoroughly, fully, deeply, profoundly, personally
  • 7 the company has obviously studied the car market well
    [Antonyms] casually, negligently
  • 8 they all speak well of him
    admiringly, highly, approvingly, favourably, appreciatively, warmly, enthusiastically, glowingly, with admiration, with praise, with approbation
    [Antonyms] scornfully
  • 9 she hopes to make enough money to live well
    comfortably, in comfort, in (the lap of) luxury, in ease, splendidly, prosperously, without hardship
  • 10 you may well be right
    quite possibly, conceivably, quite likely, probably;
    undoubtedly, certainly, unquestionably;
  • 11 he is well over forty
    considerably, very much, greatly, to a great/marked extent/degree, a great deal, markedly, decidedly, substantially, easily, comfortably, materially, significantly, signally
    informal seriously
    [Antonyms] barely, little
  • 12 she could well afford it
    easily, comfortably, readily, with ease, without difficulty, effortlessly
    [Antonyms] barely
  • Phrases

    as well

    ducks eat waterweed and tadpoles as well

    as well as

    we sell books as well as newspapers

    well up on

    I thought I was pretty well up on my internet jargon but I'm stumped on that one
    [Antonyms] ignorant of, unfamiliar with
    well versed in, well informed about, conversant with, knowledgeable about, informed about, abreast of, apprised of, up to date on, au courant with;
    familiar with, acquainted with, au fait with, at home with, no stranger to;
    experienced in, proficient in, practised in, skilled in
    informal up to speed on, clued up on, genned up on, plugged into
    formal cognizant of
    dated perfect in


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  • 1 it would be some time before she was completely well
    healthy, in good health, all right, fine, fit, fighting fit, as fit as a fiddle, as fit as a flea, robust, strong, vigorous, blooming, thriving, bursting with health, in rude health, hale, hale and hearty, hearty, in good shape, in excellent shape, in good condition, in tip-top condition, in good trim, in fine fettle, sound, sound in body and limb
    [Antonyms] poorly
  • 2 all is not well in further education
    satisfactory, all right, fine, in order, as it should be, acceptable
    informal OK, fine and dandy, hunky-dory
    North American & Australian/New Zealand informal jake
    British informal , dated tickety-boo
    [Antonyms] unsatisfactory
  • 3 it would be well to know just what this suggestion entails
    advisable, sensible, prudent, politic, commonsensical, wise, canny, judicious, shrewd, expedient, provident, recommended, advantageous, beneficial, profitable, gainful, desirable;
    a good idea
    [Antonyms] inadvisable
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    Synonyms of well in English:



  • 1
    borehole, spring, waterhole, bore, shaft
  • 2 it is not a priest's function to be a bottomless well of uncritical forgiveness
    source, supply, wellspring, fount, fountainhead, reservoir, mine, fund, bank, repository, storehouse, treasury
  • verb

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  • tears were beginning to well from her eyes
    burst, issue, discharge;
    spill, overflow, brim over
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