Synonyms of well in English:



  • 1 I am sure you will behave well
    satisfactorily, in a satisfactory manner/way, nicely, correctly, rightly, properly, fittingly, suitably, aptly, appropriately
    [Antonyms] badly
  • 2 they get on well together
    [Antonyms] badly
  • 3 he plays the piano well
    [Antonyms] poorly
  • 4 treating employees well makes good business sense
    decently, fairly, civilly, politely, genially, kindly, in a kind/kindly way, generously, hospitably; respectably, honestly
    [Antonyms] harshly
  • 6 I know her quite well
    intimately, thoroughly, fully, deeply, profoundly, personally
  • 7 the company has obviously studied the car market well
    [Antonyms] casually negligently
  • 8 they all speak well of him
    admiringly, highly, approvingly, favourably, appreciatively, warmly, enthusiastically, glowingly, with admiration, with praise, with approbation
    [Antonyms] scornfully
  • 9 she hopes to make enough money to live well
    comfortably, in comfort, in (the lap of) luxury, in ease, splendidly, prosperously, without hardship
  • 10 you may well be right
    quite possibly, conceivably, quite likely, probably; undoubtedly, certainly, unquestionably; justifiably, reasonably
  • 11 he is well over forty
    considerably, very much, greatly, to a great/marked extent/degree, a great deal, markedly, decidedly, substantially, easily, comfortably, materially, significantly, signally
    informal seriously
    [Antonyms] barely little
  • 12 she could well afford it
    easily, comfortably, readily, with ease, without difficulty, effortlessly
    [Antonyms] barely
  • Phrases

    as well

    ducks eat waterweed and tadpoles as welltooalsoin additionadditionallyinto the bargainbesidesfurthermoremoreoverto boot

    as well as

    we sell books as well as newspaperstogether within addition toalong withbesidesplusandcoupled withwithover and aboveon top ofover and beyondnot to mentionto say nothing oflet alone

    well up on

    I thought I was pretty well up on my internet jargon but I'm stumped on that one
    [Antonyms] ignorant of, unfamiliar with
    well versed inwell informed aboutconversant withknowledgeable aboutinformed aboutabreast ofapprised ofup to date onau courant withfamiliar withacquainted withau fait withat home withno stranger toexperienced inproficient inpractised inskilled in informalup to speed onclued up ongenned up onplugged into formalcognizant of datedperfect in


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  • 1 it would be some time before she was completely well
    healthy, in good health, all right, fine, fit, fighting fit, as fit as a fiddle, as fit as a flea, robust, strong, vigorous, blooming, thriving, bursting with health, in rude health, hale, hale and hearty, hearty, in good shape, in excellent shape, in good condition, in tip-top condition, in good trim, in fine fettle, sound, sound in body and limb
    [Antonyms] poorly
  • 2 all is not well in further education
    satisfactory, all right, fine, in order, as it should be, acceptable
    informal OK, fine and dandy, hunky-dory
    North American & Australian/New Zealand informal jake
    British informal , dated tickety-boo
    [Antonyms] unsatisfactory
  • 3 it would be well to know just what this suggestion entails
    advisable, sensible, prudent, politic, commonsensical, wise, canny, judicious, shrewd, expedient, provident, recommended, advantageous, beneficial, profitable, gainful, desirable; a good idea
    [Antonyms] inadvisable
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    Synonyms of well in English:



  • 1
    borehole, spring, waterhole, bore, shaft
  • 2 it is not a priest's function to be a bottomless well of uncritical forgiveness
    source, supply, wellspring, fount, fountainhead, reservoir, mine, fund, bank, repository, storehouse, treasury
  • verb

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  • tears were beginning to well from her eyes
    flow, stream, run, rush, gush, course, roll, cascade, flood, surge, rise, spurt, spout, squirt, jet; ooze, seep, trickle; burst, issue, discharge; spill, overflow, brim over
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