Synonyms of whiff in English:



  • 1 I caught a whiff of peachy perfume
    faint smell, brief smell, trace, sniff, scent, odour, aroma
  • 2British informal there's a terrible whiff in here
    stench, stink, foul smell, reek, fetidness, effluvium, miasma
    British informal pong, niff, hum
    British rhyming slang pen and ink
    Scottish informal guff
    North American informal funk
    rare fetor, malodour, mephitis, noisomeness
  • 3 there was the faintest whiff of irony in his letter
    trace, hint, note, suggestion, impression, suspicion, soupçon, touch, nuance, intimation, trifle, drop, dash, tinge, tincture, streak, vein, shred, crumb, shadow, breath, whisper, air, savour, flavour, element, overtone, scintilla, jot, bit, spot, speck, iota
    informal smidgen, tad
  • 4 whiffs of smoke emerged from the boiler
    puff, gust, blast, rush, flurry, gale, breath, draught, waft
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