Synonyms of whole in English:



  • 1 they refused to publish the whole report
    [Antonyms] partial incomplete
  • 2 they discovered a whole marble mantelpiece
    [Antonyms] in pieces broken
  • noun

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  • 1 the two movements had been fused into a single whole
    entity, unit, body, piece, discrete item, ensemble, combination, package, conglomeration, object; totality, entirety, unity
  • 2 it may take the whole of the year
    all, every part, everything, the lot, the sum, the sum total, the aggregate
  • Phrases

    on the whole

    on the whole they lived peaceablyoverallall in allall things consideredaltogethertaking everything into consideration/accounton balanceon averagefor the most partmostlymainlyin the mainchieflyprincipallypredominantlylargelyin generalgenerallygenerally speakingas a ruleas a general rulein the general run of thingsby and largeto a large extentto a great degreebasicallysubstantiallyeffectivelyvirtuallyto all intents and purposesnormallyusuallymore often than notalmost alwaysmost of the timehabituallycustomarilyregularlytypicallyordinarilycommonly

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    holo- related prefix, as in holocaust, Holocene

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