Synonyms of windy in English:



  • 1 a windy day
    [Antonyms] still windless
  • 2 the cold windy hills
    windswept, exposed, unprotected, open to the elements, bare, bleak
    [Antonyms] sheltered
  • 3 informal a series of windy speeches
    [Antonyms] concise succinct
  • 4British informal she felt a bit windy about his visit
    nervous, anxious, worried, apprehensive, on edge, edgy, tense, stressed, fretful, uneasy, jumpy, with one's stomach in knots; frightened, scared, afraid, fearful
    informal with butterflies in one's stomach, jittery, twitchy, trepidatious, in a state, uptight, in a stew, in a dither, all of a dither, in a sweat, in a flap, in a tizz/tizzy, all of a lather, het up, in a twitter
    British informal strung up, stressy, all of a doodah
    North American informal spooky, squirrelly, in a twit
    Australian/New Zealand informal toey
    dated overstrung
    [Antonyms] calm unperturbed
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