Synonyms of wing in English:



  • 1 a bird's wings
    literary pinion, van
    rare pennon
  • 2 the east wing of the house
    part, section, side; annexe, extension; North Americanell
  • 3 the radical wing of the party
    faction, camp, caucus, arm, side, branch, group, grouping, section, set, clique, coterie, cabal; fringe movement; lobby
  • verb

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  • 1 a solitary seagull winged its way over the sea
  • 2 there was a high-pitched whistle as the bomb winged along its trajectory
    hurtle, speed, shoot, whizz, zoom, streak, sweep, fly, race; sail
  • 3 she was shot at and winged by border guards
    wound, graze, hit, clip
  • Phrases

    wing it

    informal there were no guidelines—I just had to wing itimproviseplay it by earextemporizead lib informalbusk it

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    ptero- related prefix, as in pterosaur

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