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  • 1 the Italian word for ‘ham’
    term, name, expression, designation, locution; turn of phrase, idiom
    formal appellation
    rare vocable
  • 2 (usually words) his grandfather's words had been meant kindly
    remark, comment, statement, utterance, observation, pronouncement, declaration
  • 3 (words) I've only got three weeks to learn the words
  • 4 everything will be taken care of—I give you my word
  • 5 I want a word with you in private
  • 6 apparently there's no word from the hospital yet
    news, information, communication, intelligence, notice; message, report, communiqué, dispatch, bulletin, account; data, facts
    informal info, the gen, the low-down
    North American informal the dope, the poop
    literary tidings
    archaic advices
  • 7 word has it he's turned over a new leaf
    rumour, hearsay, talk, gossip
    informal the grapevine, the word on the street
    North American informal the scuttlebutt
  • 8 I'm waiting for the word from the Department of Justice
    instruction, order, command; signal, prompt, cue, tip-off
    informal go-ahead, thumbs up, green light
    North American informal high sign
  • 9 he was a strict disciplinarian whose word was law
    command, order, decree, edict, mandate; bidding, will
  • 10 our word now must be success
    motto, slogan, watchword, password, catchword; buzz word
  • Phrases

    have words

    it's obvious the two of you have had wordsquarrelarguedisagreerowsquabblebickerfightwrangledisputefeudhave a rowcross swordslock hornsclashbe at each other's throats informalfall outhave a tiffhave a spatBritish informalhave a barney archaicaltercate

    in a word

    the answer, in a word, is yesto put it brieflyto be briefbrieflyin shortin a nutshellsuccinctlyconciselyto come to the pointto cut a long story shortnot to mince wordsnot to beat about the bushnot to put too fine a point on itto sum upto summarizein sumin summary

    word for word

  • 1 reporters took down the speeches word for word
    verbatim, line for line, letter for letter, to the letter; exactly, precisely, faithfully
    rare literatim
  • 2 a word-for-word translation
    verbatim, literal, exact, direct, precise, accurate, faithful, strict, undeviating; unadulterated, unabridged, unvarnished, unembellished
    [Antonyms] loose
  • verb

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  • the question had been carefully worded
    phrase, express, put, couch, frame, set forth, formulate, style; say, utter, state
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    verbal, lexical relating to words
    lexicology study of words

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