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  • Samuel was a worthy and responsible citizen a worthy cause
    virtuous, good, moral, ethical, principled, high-principled, high-minded, right-thinking, noble, upright, upstanding, righteous, solid, decent, law-abiding, honest, honourable, respectable, respected, venerable, reputable, trustworthy, trusty, trusted, reliable, dependable, conscientious, irreproachable, blameless, unimpeachable, exemplary, admirable, praiseworthy, laudable, commendable, estimable, deserving, meritorious, creditable, sterling
    informal squeaky clean
    archaic of good report
    [Antonyms] disreputable unworthy
  • Phrases

    be worthy of

    he believes everyone has ideas that are worthy of attention
    [Antonyms] be unworthy of be undeserving of
    deservebe deserving ofmeritwarrantratejustifyearnbe entitled tohave a right tohave a claim to/onbe qualified forqualify for


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  • the candidate gained the support of some significant local worthies
    dignitary, notable, notability, celebrity, personage, famous person, important person, person of note, luminary, public figure, official, pillar of society, grandee, panjandrum, leading light, name, big name, somebody, someone
    British informal Lady Muck, Lord Muck, nob
    North American informal big wheel, kahuna, big kahuna, macher, high muckamuck, high muckety-muck
    [Antonyms] nobody
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