Synonyms of young in English:



  • 1 I hate to see a young man throwing his life away
    immature, childlike, babyish, boyish, girlish;
    in the springtime of life, in one's salad days
    informal teen
    [Antonyms] old, elderly, mature
  • 2 a very agreeable young wine
    new, recent, fresh, immature, undeveloped, developing, in the making, in its infancy
    [Antonyms] mature
  • noun

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  • 1 female flycatchers usually raise five or six young
    British informal sprogs
    North American informal rug rats
    Australian/New Zealand informal ankle-biters
    literary babes, the fruit of one's loins
  • 2 (the young)
    young people, youths, children, boys and girls, youngsters, young ones, the younger generation, the next generation, juveniles, minors, schoolboys, schoolgirls, whippersnappers, striplings
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