Synonyms of zero in English:



  • 1 the sum's wrong—you've left off a zero
    nought, nothing, cipher, nil, 0; Computingnull character
    archaic naught
  • 2 the allowable dolphin kill will be gradually reduced each year to zero
    nothing, nil, nothing at all, not a single thing, not anything, none; Northern Englishnowt
    British informal damn all, not a sausage
    North American informal zip, zippo, nada, diddly-squat, a goose egg, bupkis
    British vulgar slang bugger all, fuck all, sod all
    archaic naught, nought
  • 3 his energy levels were at zero
    rock bottom, the bottom, the lowest point, the all-time low, as low as one can get, low-water mark, the depths, the nadir
    informal the pits
  • verb

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  • zero the counter at the end point of the tape
    return to nought, return to zero, adjust to zero point
  • Phrases

    zero in on

    different scientists chose to zero in on different diseasesfocus onfocus attention oncentre onconcentrate onhome in onfix onpinpointgive prominence tohighlightspotlightunderlineemphasize informalzoom in on

    Definition of zero in:

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