Definition of -age in English:


Pronunciation: /ɪdʒ, ɑːʒ/


  • Forming nouns:
  • 1Denoting an action: leverage voyage
  • 1.1The product of an action: spillage wreckage
  • 1.2A function; a sphere of action: homage peerage
  • 2Denoting an aggregate or number of: mileage percentage
  • 2.1Fees payable for; the cost of using: postage tonnage
  • 2.2 informal Denoting a large number of something (typically forming nouns whose plurals are correctly formed with -s): decibelage kissage
  • 3Denoting a place or abode: vicarage village


from Old French, based on Latin -aticum, neuter form of the adjectival ending -aticus.

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