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Pronunciation: /ˈdɒrɪk


1Relating to or denoting a classical order of architecture characterized by a sturdy fluted column and a thick square abacus resting on a rounded moulding.
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  • They came from the Parthenon, which marks the highest pinnacle of classical Doric architecture.
  • The temple is rendered in the abbreviated form, usual in vase paintings, consisting of a Doric column and architrave.
  • It contrasts the formal Doric columns of the front porch with the informal shingled supports for the side porch.
2Relating to the ancient Greek dialect of the Dorians.
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  • Theocritus wrote in the Doric dialect, and the difficulties this produced for his readers led to his comparative neglect during the Renaissance.
  • It is unclear whether Alcmaeon wrote in the Doric dialect of Croton or in the Ionic Greek of the first Presocratics.
  • It may well be that the style and Doric dialect of the pseudo-Pythagorean writings were also based on the model of Archytas' genuine writings.
2.1 archaic (Of a dialect) broad; rustic.
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  • The great granite slabs of prose, the thick Doric dialect, the rugged rural setting, the sprawling plot: it's a prospect as forbidding as the north face of the Eiger.


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1The Doric order of architecture.
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  • These are orders taken from temple architecture; they are placed appropriately with the strong, plain Doric at the bottom, then the lighter Ionic, followed by the elegant Corinthian and perhaps at the top a Composite.
  • This famous building, originally painted in gold, red and blue, achieves the classical Greek sense of harmony and illustrates the three orders of Greek columns: Doric, Ionic and Corinthian.
2The ancient Greek dialect of the Dorians.
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  • His language is Sicilian Doric, and is as colourful and sophisticated as that of Old Comedy; he uses a variety of metres kata stichon, but there are no lyrics among the extant fragments.
2.1A broad or rustic dialect, especially the dialect spoken in the north-east of Scotland.
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  • She still speaks Doric and recently she's even taken up playing the great Highland pipes in an effort to rediscover the riches of Scotland's indigenous music.
  • My great-grandparents spoke it and called it Scottish Doric.
  • Though written in Doric, both were huge bestsellers in America.


via Latin from Greek Dōrikos, from Dōrios (see Dorian).

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