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Line breaks: Ha¦wai|ian
Pronunciation: /həˈwʌɪən


1A native or inhabitant of Hawaii.
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  • Cousteau and his crew of 22 are already in the islands, exploring the mid-ocean ecosystem that native Hawaiians view as their ancestral home.
  • Though Hawaiians dragged long, kelp-braided nets across the lagoons and deeper waters of their island homes, all knew better than to keep the jeweled Kole.
  • Annexed by America in 1898 and granted statehood in 1959, Hawaiians have watched for decades as rich outsiders have swooped in and incinerated cultures.
2 [mass noun] The Austronesian language of Hawaii, now spoken by fewer than 2,000 people.
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  • Fewer than 2,500 people speak Hawaiian as their mother tongue, most of whom are older people.
  • Some of them are clearly members of the Austronesian language family, the family that also includes such languages as Malay, Hawaiian, and Maori.
  • In the 1970s, Hawaiians revived their traditional culture, and the state recognized Hawaiian as an official language.


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1Relating to Hawaii, its people, or their language.
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  • Immediately after their arrival in 1820, the missionaries studied the Hawaiian language, analyzed it, and in 1826 established its orthography.
  • Prohibition of hula dancing provoked a ‘discursive insurrection’ against colonial law in the form of traditional stories of the dance in Hawaiian language newspapers.
  • They viewed the re-establishment of the Hawaiian language in school as one step toward Hawaiians regaining the rights and privileges their people lost through colonization.
1.1 Geology Relating to or denoting a type of volcanic eruption in which very fluid basaltic lava is produced, as is typical of volcanoes in Hawaii.
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  • Diamonds are most commonly associated with Archean subcontinental lithosphere but nanodiamonds were recently reported from mantle xenoliths in EM1like Hawaiian basalts.
  • A Hawaiian eruption involves the steady supply of fluid, relatively gas-poor magma to the vent.
  • Hawaiian eruptions are characterized by lava-effusion (an eruption of lava which most commonly gives rise to lava flows).

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