There are 2 main definitions of acre in English:


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Pronunciation: /ˈeɪkə


1A unit of land area equal to 4,840 square yards (0.405 hectare): he farms 1,200 acres in East Yorkshire [as modifier]: a 15-acre estate
More example sentences
  • We want to fence off a quarter of an acre of our land to create a building plot with access from our existing driveway.
  • Yields of up to four tonnes an acre had been forecast before weather broke.
  • The ponds are three to four feet deep and range in area from an acre to more than ten acres.
1.1 (acres of) informal A large extent or amount of something: acres of space
More example sentences
  • Time was when being Prime Minister carried acres of responsibility with a surprising amount of free time.
  • A woeful shot in acres of space by Mullan at the top of the penalty box was embarrassingly bad.
  • A long low ball across the field found the impressive Beauchamp in acres of space.


Old English æcer (denoting the amount of land a yoke of oxen could plough in a day), of Germanic origin; related to Dutch akker and German Acker 'field', from an Indo-European root shared by Sanskrit ajra 'field', Latin ager, and Greek agros.



[in combination]: a many-acred park

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There are 2 main definitions of acre in English:


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1 /ˈeɪkə/ An industrial seaport of Israel; population 46,300 (est. 2008). Also called Akko.
2 /ˈɑːkrə/ A state of western Brazil, on the border with Peru; capital, Rio Branco.

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