Definition of administration in English:

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Pronunciation: /ədmɪnɪˈstreɪʃ(ə)n/


1 [mass noun] The process or activity of running a business, organization, etc. the day-to-day administration of the company a career in arts administration
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  • The awards were in courses such as business administration, information processing, performing arts and art, craft and design.
  • They bog down in the day-to-day administration of a small business and bemoan the lack of time to draw.
  • This individual has a bachelor of arts degree in economics and a master of business administration degree.
management, managing, direction, directing, command, commanding, control, controlling, charge, conduct, conducting, operation, regulation, regulating, handling, running, leadership, government, governing, superintendence, supervision, supervising, overseeing, oversight, orchestration, orchestrating, guidance, care
archaic regiment
1.1 (the administration) The people responsible for running a business, organization, etc. the university administration took their demands seriously
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  • Officials with the administration said the person responsible for the overloading would be severely punished.
  • Thus, it is uncontested that the administration is wholly responsible for the imposition of the new steel tariffs.
  • In response, the university administration was largely silent.
1.2 Law The management and disposition of the property of a deceased person, debtor, or insolvent company, by a legally appointed administrator: the company went into administration
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  • An obvious example would be, he submits, if the Company went into administration for the purposes of the Insolvency Act 1986.
  • Angry creditors have been left owed thousands of pounds after a Yorkshire estate agent went into administration, it emerged yesterday.
  • Shortly thereafter it went into insolvency administration.
2 [mass noun] The management of public affairs; government: the inhabitants of the island voted to remain under French administration
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  • Another role of Mercosur is to help member countries to overcome their internal problems such as those linked with public administration and the control of inflation.
  • The importance placed by the public on administration and governance can also be seen in Donald Tsang's very high public poll numbers.
  • As an article of faith, new public management urges that public administration be animated by clearly defined organizational objectives.
government, cabinet, ministry, regime, executive, authority, directorate, council, leadership, management;
parliament, congress, senate;
rule, term of office, incumbency
informal top brass
2.1 [count noun] The government in power: successive Conservative administrations enjoyed a comfortable majority
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  • During the Cold War, successive administrations pursued a policy of ‘containment’ against the Soviet Union.
  • It will continue regardless of whether we have Republican or Democratic administrations in power.
  • Successive governments and Paris municipal administrations have allowed the situation to worsen.
2.2 [count noun] chiefly North American The term of office of a political leader or government: the early years of the Reagan Administration
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  • Their timing infuriated me, because communities last longer than political administrations.
  • If you count a term of an administration as a single data point, we have only five data points.
  • Parliament might well resemble the Italian legislature, with short term administrations.
2.3 [count noun] (In the US) a department or agency of the government: the US Food and Drug Administration
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  • Under the government's draft, future Cabinets would consist of 15 ministries, six councils, two administrations and four independent agencies.
  • This entailed integrating three administrations and reducing 54 departments to 10.
3 [mass noun] The action of dispensing, giving, or applying something: the oral administration of the antibiotic the administration of justice
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  • If we can't stop crime, at least we can do is aim for the effective administration of justice.
  • The claim that bromelain cannot be effective after oral administration is definitely refuted at this time.
  • But the family, he added, understands ‘that the fair administration of justice takes time.’
dispensation, dispensing, delivering, issuing, giving, provision, providing, application, applying, discharge, allotment, distribution, apportionment, apportioning, dealing out, handing out, meting out, measuring out, doling out, disbursement, disbursing, bestowal;
infliction, inflicting, imposition, imposing, enforcement, enforcing, exacting, execution, exercise, effectuation


Middle English: from Latin administratio(n-), from the verb administrare (see administer).

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