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Pronunciation: /əˈɡriː/

verb (agrees, agreeing, agreed)

[no object]
1Have the same opinion about something; concur: I completely agree with your recent editorial we both agreed on issues such as tougher penalties for criminals [with direct speech]: ‘Yes, dreadful, isn’t it,’ she agreed
More example sentences
  • We agreed on the main issue: that new technologies make it possible for this to be done.
  • This is the underlying issue which campaigners agree must be tackled in years to come.
  • Nevertheless almost everybody agrees that a thought is produced when the brain neurons fire.
concur, be of the same mind/opinion, see eye to eye, be in sympathy, sympathize, be united, be as one man, accord;
acknowledge, admit, concede, grant, own, confess
1.1 (agree with) Approve of (something) with regard to its moral correctness: I don’t agree with random drugs testing in schools
More example sentences
  • I neither agreed with nor approved her methods or her language, but there was never any doubt about her passion and the depth of her conviction.
  • I have to say that I don't agree with this from a moral viewpoint.
  • I'm not disgusted by the exhibit but I don't agree with the message of moral equivalency.
2 (agree to or to do something) Say that one will do something which has been suggested by another person: she had agreed to go and see a movie with him
More example sentences
  • Magistrates cannot order that people be removed to hospital unless the hospital authority agrees to accept them.
  • To avoid the authorities, he agrees to accompany an inventor to go around the world in 80 days.
  • She was so thrilled by the prospect of motherhood that Thorn follows the advice of a priest and agrees to accept an orphan child as his own.
consent, assent, accede;
acquiesce in, accept, approve (of), allow, admit, grant, comply with, undertake, go along with, say yes to, give one's approval to, give something the nod, recognize, acknowledge
2.1 [with object] Reach agreement about (something) after negotiation: if they had agreed a price the deal would have gone through [no object]: the commission agreed on a proposal to limit imports
More example sentences
  • The plan involves agreeing a pay rise for this year and continuing negotiations over wage increases for the next two years.
  • It was agreed that negotiations should take place with both contractors.
  • After negotiation, we agree a set of terms under which the autopsy will be performed.
settle, decide, shake hands;
arrange, arrive at, negotiate, work out, thrash out, hammer out, reach an agreement on, come to terms about, reach terms on;
strike a bargain, make a deal
3 (agree with) Be consistent with: your body language does not agree with what you are saying
More example sentences
  • The form of the average simulated wave profile agrees with the analytic result with good accuracy, which demonstrates consistency of our approach.
  • String theory is false, because no consistent version of the theory exists or no version agrees with all experimental results.
  • These data partially agree with our results but cannot be made completely consistent.
match, match up, accord, correspond, conform, coincide, fit, tally, harmonize, be in harmony, be in agreement, be consistent, be compatible, be consonant, be congruous, be in tune, equate, be equivalent, dovetail, chime, correlate, be parallel
informal square
3.1 Grammar Have the same number, gender, case, or person as: the verb agrees with the final noun
More example sentences
  • In such cases, proximity concord operates, the verb agreeing with the nearest noun.
  • In the present tense construction, the verb agrees with the subject but not the object, hence the subject but not the object can be omitted.
  • Thus Voltaire: ‘The adjective is the enemy of the noun, though it agrees with it in number and gender.’
3.2 [usually with negative] Be healthy or appropriate for (someone): she’s eaten something which did not agree with her
More example sentences
  • The climate there did not agree with the health of one of the children so they returned to Ireland after three years.
  • Unfortunately, the job market doesn't appear to consistently agree with me.
  • Milk doesn't agree with me.
be agreeable to, be good for, be healthy for, be acceptable to, suit


agree to differ

see differ.


Late Middle English: from Old French agreer, based on Latin ad- 'to' + gratus 'pleasing'.

  • When we agree to something, there is a core notion of trying to please; the word is from Old French agreer, based on Latin ad- ‘to’ and gratus ‘pleasing’. It took over a hundred years after the phrase ‘to agree’ first appeared in the writings of Chaucer for its opposite, disagree, to appear in writing during the 1490s.

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