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Pronunciation: /əˈlʌɪn/


1 [with object] Place or arrange (things) in a straight line: the desks are aligned in straight rows facing forwards
More example sentences
  • He aligned himself straight down and put his arms to his side.
  • For each strip place the ruler on the straight end, aligning the desired measure with the edge.
  • The Morgan typically shuttles this material some 75 to 100 metres to the chipper, swinging the drags so the logs are aligned straight into the chipper infeed.
line up, range, arrange in line, put in order, put in rows/columns, straighten (up);
marshal, orient, place, position, dispose, situate, set
1.1Put (things) into correct or appropriate relative positions: the fan blades are carefully aligned figurative aligning domestic prices with prices in world markets
More example sentences
  • Most mutual-fund companies offer index funds, so review their fees and ensure that they are aligned with an appropriate benchmark.
  • All this notwithstanding, the proposed Department is a positive move to align national form and function.
  • How do you move them from one point to the other, without going through that point that characterizes that mind - correcting it and aligning it, to conform to the overall Classical understanding?
1.2 [no object] Lie in a straight line, or in correct relative positions: the pattern of the border at the joint should align perfectly
More example sentences
  • On this rear elevation, you can also see the repetition of the glass block pattern, which now fully frames a perfectly square window that aligns with the front door on the other side of the house.
  • When the moon's orbit aligns just perfectly with Jupiter's stormy eye and an entire mountainside is lush with four leaf clovers, something really easy slides across your desk.
  • The red vinyl seats around the reflective circular tables and the barstools aligned perfectly with the curved counter top.
2 (align oneself with) Give support to (a person, organization, or cause): newspapers usually align themselves with certain political parties
More example sentences
  • No other chamber comes anywhere near that, but our strategy is to align ourselves with all other organisations, as long as they also believe in what we are trying to do.
  • So all these people you're aligning yourself with, it's not good.
  • Davis exaggerates even when he need not and so risks damaging the cause he's temporarily aligned himself with.
2.1 [no object] Come together in agreement or alliance: all of them must now align against the foe
More example sentences
  • His supporters feel that their leader was forced into aligning with former foes in order to compete against the Opposition.
  • Muslims in Afghanistan aligned with the Northern Alliance were hoping for a particular parliamentary system.
  • In Japan, toymakers have aligned to sell together online, making it harder for retailers to single them out for punishment.
ally, affiliate, associate, join, side, sympathize, be in league, unite, combine, join (up), join forces, form an alliance, team up, band together, cooperate, collaborate, throw in one's lot, make common cause


Late 17th century: from French aligner, from à ligne 'into line'.

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