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Pronunciation: /əˈlʌɪk


(Of two or more people or things) similar to each other: the brothers were very much alike the houses all looked alike
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  • Directly opposite him, on the other side of the enclosed space, were two doors, exactly alike and side by side.
  • Other than in the most trivial sense that identical twins look more alike than most people, this is simply false.
  • If there is any message I would send to all my fellow humans - it would be that we are more alike than we are different.


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1In the same or a similar way: the girls dressed alike in black trousers and jackets
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  • And, just to underline their point they even insisted on dressing alike, all the time.
  • The culture appears to be undergoing some kind of revival among those who like to express their individuality by dressing alike.
  • Maybe you and your sister have always dressed alike or gotten your hair cut the same way.
similarly, the same, just the same, in the same way/manner/fashion, in like manner, identically, uniformly
1.1Used to show that something applies equally to a number of specified subjects: he talked in a friendly manner to staff and patients alike
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  • He said the dispute had been long-running and a cause of concern to staff and patients alike.
  • Yet, despite all this activity, the subject remains a cause of frustration for doctors and patients alike.
  • These lunchtime performances continue to be popular with staff, patients and visitors alike.


Old English gelīc, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch gelijk and German gleich, reinforced in Middle English by Old Norse álíkr (adjective) and álíka (adverb).

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