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Pronunciation: /əˈləʊn

adjective & adverb

  • 2 [as adverb] Indicating that something is confined to the specified subject or recipient: he is answerable to Parliament alone it was a smile for him alone
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    • The trustee held its assets on trust for Sealark alone subject only to the powers of issue and redemption.
    • Its motto is not confined to the school alone - it reflects the spirit of the entire Ellangowan community.
    • The use of the letters will not be confined to organic farmers alone.
    only, solely, just, uniquely, exclusively; and no one else, and nothing else, to the exclusion of everyone/everything else, no one but, nothing but
  • 2.1Used to emphasize that only one factor out of several is being considered and that the whole is greater or more extreme: there were fifteen churches in the town centre alone
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    • I believe this factor alone constitutes appropriate circumstances for allowing a premium.
    • Our genes are not the product of our present environment alone, but also of all the environments our genetic ancestors experienced.
    • There are some cars whose names alone present a serious obstacle to the potential buyer.


go it alone

informal Act by oneself without assistance: they lack the knowledge and confidence to go it alone
More example sentences
  • The course is aimed particularly at people who enjoy walking but lack the confidence to go it alone.
  • At first, a teacher accompanied him until he gained enough confidence to go it alone.
  • Mish couldn't make it for a photo expedition, so I went it alone.

leave someone/thing alone

  • 1Abandon or desert someone or something: she was frightened because he had left her alone
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    • The construction of the hotel was mysteriously abandoned, and the grand building was left alone.
    • After all this activity, she is left alone for a solo that looked rather pointless, as if it had been tagged on for her benefit.
    • They both darted down the hallway, and with that, Stevey and I were left alone together.
  • 2 (also let someone/thing alone or leave/let well alone) Stop disturbing, interfering with, or trying to improve someone or something: if you see him on his way to school, just leave him alone she wished he would let her alone take my advice and leave well alone
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    • We ask the council to stop this proposal and leave the bus stop alone.
    • Zach included me for a while, but Liz started to give me the impression I was interfering, so I left them alone.
    • We've had to stop him from coming in now because he just won't leave our customers alone.



More example sentences
  • Both of the characters feel the terrible pain of aloneness and separateness felt also by both Linnet and Owl of the changeling stories.
  • The name of Victoria gives you a clever, quick, analytical mind, but you suffer with a great deal of self-consciousness, lack of confidence, and much aloneness because of misunderstandings.
  • I believe that what you do and what I do is very important in this country, because there are so many people who sit at home alone and don't recognize their sense of aloneness.


Middle English: from all + one.

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