Definition of announce in English:

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Pronunciation: /əˈnaʊns/


[reporting verb]
1Make a formal public statement about a fact, occurrence, or intention: [with clause]: the President’s office announced that the siege would be lifted [with object]: he announced his retirement from international football [with direct speech]: ‘I have a confession to make,’ she announced
More example sentences
  • This is his fifth and final World Cup, as he has announced his retirement and intention to spend more time with family.
  • Confirmation of this fact was announced by the Minister for Communications, Marine and Natural Resources.
  • When the Crown Office announced the move, its statement failed to declare the men's innocence.
make public, make known, report, issue a statement about, declare, state, set forth, give out, put out, post, notify, give notice of, publicize, broadcast, publish, advertise, circulate, proclaim, promulgate, trumpet, noise abroad;
disclose, reveal, divulge, intimate
informal shout something from the rooftops
literary blazon abroad
rare preconize
1.1Make known the arrival of (a guest) at a formal social occasion.
Example sentences
  • The butler announced the arrival of the Archers' dinner guests for that evening.
  • We're going to be announcing some special guests - is that enough of a clue?
  • Today, for example, I had to announce a guest conductor - the esteemed Henry Chas.
introduce, present, name;
usher in
1.2Give information about (transport) in a station or airport via a public address system: they were announcing her train
More example sentences
  • Normally this happens at a regional airport after they've announced your flight has been delayed for a few hours.
  • Even though the speaker system was obviously working so well, the destination station was not announced.
  • They announce the next station, and the train begins to slow down.
signal, indicate, be an indication of, signify, give notice of, herald, proclaim;
warn of, foretell, augur, portend
literary betoken, harbinger


Late 15th century: from French annoncer, from Latin annuntiare, from ad- 'to' + nuntiare 'declare, announce' (from nuntius 'messenger').

  • The base of announce is Latin nuntius ‘messenger’ (also the base of nuncio (early 16th century) a papal ambassador). From the same root come annunciation (Middle English) ‘act of announcing’; denounce (Middle English) with de- having a negative sense; pronounce (Late Middle English) from pro- ‘out, forth’; renounce (Late Middle English) from re- (expressing reversal); and enunciate (mid 16th century) ‘announce clearly’ from e- (a variant of ex-) ‘out’.

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