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annoy Line breaks: annoy
Pronunciation: /əˈnɔɪ/

Definition of annoy in English:


[with object]
1Make (someone) a little angry; irritate: the decision really annoyed him your damned cheerfulness has always annoyed me
More example sentences
  • If someone else is annoying you, and they have no idea what effect they are having on you, then what is the point in staying annoyed with them?
  • Clichéd, stereotypical tales of the relative strengths of men and women always annoy me.
  • It annoys me that good always seems to prevail over evil in books, movies, TV, and life in general.
irritate, vex, make angry, make cross, anger, exasperate, irk, gall, pique, put out, displease, get/put someone's back up, antagonize, get on someone's nerves, rub up the wrong way, ruffle, ruffle someone's feathers, make someone's hackles rise, raise someone's hackles;
enrage, infuriate, madden, make someone's blood boil, drive to distraction, goad, provoke
informalaggravate, peeve, hassle, miff, rile, nettle, needle, get, get to, bug, hack off, get under someone's skin, get in someone's hair, get up someone's nose, put someone's nose out of joint, get someone's goat, give someone the hump, rattle someone's cage, drive mad/crazy, drive round the bend/twist, drive up the wall, make someone see red
British informalwind up, nark, get across, get on someone's wick
North American informaltee off, tick off, burn up, rankle, ride, gravel, bum out
vulgar slangpiss off
British vulgar slangget on someone's tits
informal, , datedgive someone the pip, get someone's dander up
rareexacerbate, hump, rasp
irritated, cross, angry, vexed, exasperated, irked, piqued, displeased, put out, fed up, disgruntled, in a bad mood, in a temper, testy, in high dudgeon, huffy, in a huff, resentful, aggrieved;
furious, irate, infuriated, incensed, enraged, wrathful, choleric
informalaggravated, peeved, nettled, miffed, miffy, mad, riled, hacked off, peed off, hot under the collar, foaming at the mouth
British informalbrowned off, cheesed off, brassed off, not best pleased, narked, ratty, shirty, eggy
North American informalteed off, ticked off, sore, bent out of shape
Australian/New Zealand informalsnaky, crook
West Indian informalvex
vulgar slangpissed off
North American vulgar slangpissed
archaicsnuffy, wrath
2 archaic Harm or attack repeatedly: a gallant Saxon, who annoyed this Coast



Pronunciation: /əˈnɔɪə/
Example sentences
  • We have a enough things to worry about without being tortured by evil lawyers and other professional annoyers!
  • With QuickTopic Pro you can also delete entire ranges of messages easily, and you can block the IP addresses of any persistent annoyers.
  • Once we get all those annoyers into prison and they start annoying their jailers, what them? Charge them with being annoying, fine them for being so annoying.


Middle English (in the sense 'be hateful to'): from Old French anoier (verb), anoi (noun), based on Latin in odio in the phrase mihi in odio est 'it is hateful to me'.

  • Annoy originally has a much stronger sense than the modern one. It came into English from Old French anoier, but was based on Latin in odio, from the phrase mihi in odio est, ‘it is hateful to me’.

Words that rhyme with annoy

ahoy, alloy, Amoy, boy, buoy, cloy, coy, destroy, employ, enjoy, Hanoi, hoi polloi, hoy, Illinois, joy, koi, oi, ploy, poi, Roy, savoy, soy, tatsoi, toy, trompe l'œil, troy

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