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Pronunciation: /ˈɛni/

determiner & pronoun

1 [usually with negative or in questions] Used to refer to one or some of a thing or number of things, no matter how much or how many: [as determiner]: I don’t have any choice do you have any tips to pass on? [as pronoun]: someone asked him for a match, but Joe didn’t have any you don’t know any of my friends
More example sentences
  • Not like you had any choice about the matter, packed lunches were banned, so you had to cough up.
  • He tiptoed around it, trying not to get any of the putrid matter slop onto his fluffy bunny slippers.
  • Not that any of that matters, but if these guys mess up again, an awful lot of people are going to get mad.
some, a piece of, a part of, a bit of
1.1Anyone: the city council ceased payments to any but the aged
More example sentences
  • Those who do not register in time to participate in the player selection system shall be ineligible, with these exceptions -- any who were sick or injured or any who became new permanent residents of the community after the selection.
  • He doubted any would stop him if they'd seen his coat of arms.
  • Buses will evacuate any who can't drive away.
anyone, anybody
2Whichever of a specified class might be chosen: [as determiner]: these constellations are visible at any hour of the night [as pronoun]: the illness may be due to any of several causes
More example sentences
  • She cringed, remembering how Sara had asked her to take notes in any of the classes she would be missing.
  • Boxing will be in for a treat if any of the class of 2004 show even a flash of their brilliance.
  • An hour spent with any of those people and you feel like clapping for joy, or asking if you can do it all again.
whichever, whichever comes to hand, no matter which, never mind which
informal any old


[usually with negative or in questions, as submodifier]
1At all; in some degree (used for emphasis): he wasn’t any good at basketball why look any further? no one would be any the wiser
More example sentences
  • Luckily they don't have to scrape about any further as the survey is in again.
  • If it had gone on any longer we may well not have lived to tell the tale.
  • This, however, didn't make her feel any the better.
at all, in the least, to any extent, to some extent, somewhat, in any degree, to some degree
1.1US informal At all (used alone, not qualifying another word): I didn’t hurt you any
More example sentences
  • Yes he has hit into bad luck, and the new defensive approach hasn't helped him any.
  • It didn't seem to hurt him any.
  • He has a slight limp due to a healed injury to a front foreleg, but that sure doesn't hinder him any!


When used as a pronoun any can be used with either a singular or a plural verb, depending on the context: we needed more sugar but there wasn’t any left (singular verb) or are any of the new videos available? (plural verb).



any amount of

see amount.

any more (also anymore)

[usually with negative or in questions] To any further extent; any longer: she refused to listen any more
More example sentences
  • Looking for a bargain, or trying to find an old disc that the big chains don't carry any more.
  • Back from school, I sat in my room, too weak and tired to do any more, so glad to rest.
  • After a few years, I could no longer fool myself that the drugs were working any more.

any old

see old.

any road (up)

chiefly Northern English informal term for anyway. any road, I’m sure you’ll make a go of it
More example sentences
  • On occasion, he would add: ‘They're vermin any road up - rainbow trout, ah mean.’
  • But, any road, don't buy shoes - they'll never fit.
  • Any road, in Sports Personality of the Year, we the British public usually hit the nail on the head.

any time (also anytime)

At whatever time: she can come any time
More example sentences
  • I am writing to complain about people who light bonfires any time, day or night.
  • The centre presented Heather with a gold card allowing her to visit any time.
  • Kevin Hayes stood in front of Cusack any time he tried to take a quick puck-out.

any time (or day or minute etc.) now

informal Very soon: we’ll get them back any day now
More example sentences
  • My finger traced out his features as I suddenly became aware that any minute now, I would faint.
  • Plus, she couldn't shake that feeling that they were going to get caught soon, that this fun would end, any day now.
  • Two new books are out on the subject, two others will be out any day now, and the Spitzer data will soon be in print.

be not having any (of it)

informal Be uninterested or disagree: I tried to make polite conversation, but he wasn’t having any
More example sentences
  • Lucy and Misty were fine all taking their tablets between two pieces of ham, but when it came to Eric he was not having any of it and the tablet rolled away.
  • Anthony apologized, but she was not having any of it.
  • He demanded money from the shopkeeper, who bravely picked up a piece of metal and told him he was not having any.

not just any ——

A particular or special thing of its type rather than any ordinary one of that type: he had an acting job at last, and not just any part, but the lead in a new film
More example sentences
  • Again, a music festival is not just any other ordinary event.
  • He knew, that the fifth was a thief, not just any ordinary thief, but one who had more brains than the others of his guild.
  • She needed to get herself a bike, and not just any ordinary bike.


Old English ǣnig (see one, -y1), of Germanic origin; related to Dutch eenig and German einig.

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