Definition of anything in English:

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Pronunciation: /ˈɛnɪθɪŋ/


[usually with negative or in questions]
1Used to refer to a thing, no matter what: nobody was saying anything have you found anything? he inquired whether there was anything he could do
More example sentences
  • Nobody said anything though, and it may have just been dismissed as a jokey comment.
  • We are left wondering whether they had anything more to offer than tea and sympathy.
  • I do not know whether there is anything else that you might be able to assist us on?
1.1 [without negative] Used for emphasis: I was ready for anything
More example sentences
  • The family had stocked up on food and water and was ready for anything, he said.
  • The next day I came back to work truly rested and ready for anything the world could throw at me.
  • On the evidence of the past year, she seems ready for anything the stage can throw at her.
1.2Used to indicate a range: he trains anything from seven to eight hours a day
More example sentences
  • As a common law offence, the punishment can carry anything up to a life sentence.
  • Security locks can cost anything from £3 to £80.
  • The client can decide on the length and duration of the game walk, anything from a strenuous 3- hour hike to a more leisurely 30-minute stroll.



anything but

Not at all (used for emphasis): he is anything but racist
More example sentences
  • Smoke free it may be, but the air in the average Irish public house is anything but clean.
  • Your reporter seems to think that this is a progressive and forward thinking club when it is anything but.
  • Such a fight Warren would be crazy to pass up, and he is anything but crazy.

anything like ——

[with negative] At all like —— (used for emphasis): it doesn’t taste anything like wine
More example sentences
  • But it wasn't anything like the lethal weapons that seem to be all the rage.
  • Mr Wade said he had never experienced anything like it and pleaded with owners to look after their dogs.
  • Let me tell you - ricochets in real life don't sound anything like they do on telly.

(as) —— as anything

informal Extremely ——: she said it out loud, clear as anything
More example sentences
  • He flew around in circles for a while, as fast as anything, and then finally came down for a smooth landing.
  • She was tough as anything.
  • I could see her as clear as anything, and she seemed to be smiling.

or anything

[usually with negative or in questions] informal Added as a general reference to other things similar to the thing mentioned: no strings attached, you don’t have to join up or anything
More example sentences
  • Not that I know anything about Tibetan music or anything, but that is what this reminds me of.
  • I'm not ashamed of it or anything, but I wonder what I'm supposed to be waving a flag at.
  • I have tonnes of schoolwork, but no more solo trips to universities or anything.
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