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apple pie

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1A pie made with apples.
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  • For dessert the apple pie a la mode with ice-cream proved a firm favourite with my companion after fending off tough competition from the fresh fruit pavlova.
  • With the offer of dessert, Madame went for the apple pie and ice cream, which arrived in a huge bowl - and was ceremoniously eaten to the last morsel.
  • In fact, I'm going to reward myself now, by having done 165 extra words today by eating a whole apple pie or big sticky toffee pudding.
1.1 [mass noun] North American Used to represent a cherished ideal of homeliness: to say I’m fed up with the Olympics is like being against motherhood and apple pie
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  • Like motherhood and apple pie, policing is something a city can't help but get behind - philosophically and financially.
  • This statement, with its aspects of ‘motherhood and apple pie,’ is one I fully agree with.
  • For some politicians, it's as easy as a vote for motherhood and apple pie.


apple-pie bed

A bed which, as a practical joke, has been made with one of the sheets folded back on itself so that a person’s legs cannot be stretched out.
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  • An apple-pie bed is nothing; pinches, kicks, boxed ears, twisted arms, pulled hair, ghosts at night, inky books, befouled photographs, amount to very little by themselves.
  • Afterwards, the Middles go to bed but play tricks, such as apple-pie beds, on the Seniors.
  • And, while making apple-pie beds doubtless never occurred to anyone, here, at least, was a place with a strong sense of community.

apple-pie order

Perfect order or neatness: everything was in apple-pie order
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  • She had her semantics in apple-pie order, and emerged if not unsoiled, then at least unbloodied.
  • And each evening, just before retiring, he is likewise compelled ‘to arrange his materials for work’ the next morning ‘in apple-pie order upon a commodious table’ across from his bed.
  • Whether or not you use an accountant or bookkeeper to help you with your accounts and tax, you must keep all your business records in apple-pie order.

as American as apple pie

North American Typically American in character: they have made violence as American as apple pie
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  • If violence, as the saying goes, is as American as apple pie, it's also been as common in American movie theaters as popcorn.
  • French fries are at least as American as apple pie.
  • Ironically, financially, and in terms of their behavior, they're often as American as apple pie.

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