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1Appropriate or suitable in the circumstances: the theme could not be more apt
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  • Delicious decadence dripped from the setting, giving a perfectly apt description of the scene.
  • But in the context of the American culture wars in the political arena, it's an entirely apt and appropriate choice.
  • There is no basis for inferring that a different form would have been likely to have been apt or appropriate or sought out.
2 [predicative, with infinitive] Having a tendency to do something: he is apt to be swayed by irrational considerations
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  • Down toward this latter end of the spectrum are folks who are more than ordinarily apt to confuse the wish and the deed, the belief and the fact.
  • But the language of liberty and freedom is apt to be confusing in these areas.
  • We have an innate tendency to avoid pain, and therefore we are apt to conjure up rationalizations that justify our behavior.
inclined, given, likely, liable, disposed, predisposed, prone, ready, tending, subject, of a mind, capable
3Quick to learn: she proved an apt pupil
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  • He was a monk and maverick philosopher; she, the apt and eager pupil.
  • He regarded him with a mild smile and slight shake of his head, just like a teacher might regard an apt, but lazy pupil.
  • They are apt pupils of his bible, a.k.a. the F.A.Q. section of his Web site.
clever, quick, bright, sharp, quick to learn, smart, intelligent;
able, gifted, talented, adept, proficient, competent, astute
informal genius
North American informal whip-smart


late Middle English (in the sense 'suited, appropriate'): from Latin aptus 'fitted', past participle of apere 'fasten'.



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  • They did so reluctantly, aptly mirroring the sentiments of their homeland.
  • This applause aptly displayed the crowd's reverence for the band.
  • Her comment applies aptly to the use of this poetry in the study of pre-Islamic society.

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