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Line breaks: arse
Pronunciation: /ɑːs
British vulgar slang


1A person’s buttocks or anus.
2A stupid, irritating, or contemptible person.


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1 [no object] (arse about/around) Behave in a stupid way; waste time.
2 [with object] (arse something up) Make a botched attempt at something.
3 (can't be arsed) Not want to do something because one has no interest in or enthusiasm for it.


Old English ærs, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch aars and German Arsch.


arse about face

Contrary to what is usual, expected, or logical: he felt disoriented: everything seemed to be arse about face

arse over tit

So as to fall over in a sudden or dramatic way.

get off one's arse

Stop being lazy.

my arse!

Used to convey that one does not believe something that has just been said.

not know one's arse from one's elbow

Be totally ignorant or incompetent.

talk out of one's arse

Talk rubbish.

up your arse!

Used to express contempt for someone or something.

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