There are 2 main definitions of assemble in English:

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assemble 1

Pronunciation: /əˈsɛmb(ə)l/


1 [no object] (Of people) gather together in one place for a common purpose: a crowd had assembled outside the gates
More example sentences
  • At the end, it said: ‘a large crowd assembled outside the church to see her departure.’
  • A tremendous crowd assembled outside the French Embassy shortly after the news was made known.
  • Every evening at about seven-thirty crowds began assembling outside the General Post Office to watch the departure of the Royal Mail coaches.
1.1 [with object] Cause (people or things) to gather together for a common purpose: he assembled the surviving members of the group for a tour
More example sentences
  • Director David C. Thomas assembles the surviving members of the group to tell their story, and remarkably has a treasure trove of home movies, concert and TV footage to illustrate every stage of the group's existence.
  • We want to continue this investigation to a point at which we have assembled the kind of evidence that we believe provides the basis for prosecution.
  • ‘A large and growing body of evidence has been assembled effectively pointing to her innocence,’ he claimed.
bring together, get together, call together, gather, collect, round up, marshal, muster, summon, rally, convene, accumulate, mass, amass
formal convoke
1.2 (usually as noun assembling) Entomology (Of male moths) gather for mating in response to a pheromone released by a female.
2 [with object] Fit together the separate component parts of (a machine or other object): my new machine is being assembled and my old one dismantled
More example sentences
  • Also, it can wait for a customer's order before assembling a machine, which means it can operate with an extraordinarily lean production system.
  • The first phase of the project revolved around infrastructure and assembling the machine.
  • She had never actually assembled the machine but there were four similar parts that she was dealing with.
3 [with object] Computing Translate (a program) from a symbolic language into machine code: assemble the program and produce a file suitable to input to the simulator
More example sentences
  • We plan to assemble a program that combines the method described here with a kinematics method to permit fulltime operation.
  • From that it creates program code it can then assemble into executable machine code.
  • Sequences were verified manually and contigs were assembled using the computer program Sequencer v 4.0.


Middle English: from Old French asembler, based on Latin ad- 'to' + simul 'together'.

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dissemble, Kemble, resemble, tremble
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There are 2 main definitions of assemble in English:

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assemblé 2

Pronunciation: /ˌasɒ̃ˈbleɪ/

noun (plural pronounced same)

A leap in which the feet are brought together before landing.
Example sentences
  • The assemblés porté traveled a great distance and ended in perfect fifth position.
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