Definition of audacious in English:

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Pronunciation: /ɔːˈdeɪʃəs/


1Showing a willingness to take surprisingly bold risks: a series of audacious takeovers
More example sentences
  • Today we look at a bold and audacious project that's bringing a fresh approach to the way we understand the ecology of this country.
  • What a match, what a turnaround and what a scintillating performance by this brave, audacious and talented Welsh team.
  • From this dynamic leader's audacious vision has sprung a city that is breathtaking in scale and vision.
bold, daring, fearless, intrepid, brave, unafraid, unflinching, courageous, valiant, valorous, heroic, dashing, plucky, daredevil, devil-may-care, death-or-glory, reckless, wild, madcap;
adventurous, venturesome, enterprising, dynamic, spirited, mettlesome
informal game, gutsy, spunky, ballsy, have-a-go, go-ahead
rare venturous, temerarious
2Showing an impudent lack of respect: he made an audacious remark
More example sentences
  • He is too sweet, too nice, too inoffensive for the dig at hypocrisy to hit home, and many of the jokes lack the audacious punch of old.
  • It's a shocking, audacious moment - one of the few times the film makes you sit up and take notice.
  • He is audacious, showing such wilful disrespect to the past that one wonders if it ever existed!
impudent, impertinent, insolent, presumptuous, forward, cheeky, irreverent, discourteous, disrespectful, insubordinate, ill-mannered, bad-mannered, unmannerly, mannerless, rude, crude, brazen, brazen-faced, brash, shameless, pert, defiant, bold, bold as brass, outrageous, shocking, out of line
informal brass-necked, cocky, lippy, mouthy, fresh, flip
British informal saucy, smart-arsed
North American informal sassy, nervy, smart-assed
archaic malapert, contumelious



Pronunciation: /ɔːˈdeɪʃəsli/
Example sentences
  • She has always been audaciously ambitious.
  • Others, more audaciously, have even alleged corruption.
  • His poetry is neither traditional, nor audaciously experimental, but lyrical and contemporary in themes.


Example sentences
  • I am just shocked at such blatant acts of audaciousness.
  • It is breathtaking in its audaciousness, frightening in its adventurousness, worrying in its significance.
  • Most biographers have attributed her tenacity and audaciousness to the competitive, mercurial nature of an acting career in New York and Hollywood.


Mid 16th century: from Latin audax, audac- 'bold' (from audere 'dare') + -ious.

  • Today audacious means ‘willing to take surprisingly bold risks’ and ‘showing a lack of respect, impudent’, but it originally had a more direct sense of ‘bold, confident, daring’. The root is Latin audax ‘bold’.

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Athanasius, bodacious, cactaceous, capacious, carbonaceous, contumacious, Cretaceous, curvaceous, disputatious, edacious, efficacious, fallacious, farinaceous, flirtatious, foliaceous, fugacious, gracious, hellacious, herbaceous, Ignatius, loquacious, mendacious, mordacious, ostentatious, perspicacious, pertinacious, pugnacious, rapacious, sagacious, salacious, saponaceous, sebaceous, sequacious, setaceous, spacious, tenacious, veracious, vexatious, vivacious, voracious

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