There are 3 main definitions of Aurora in English:


Syllabification: Au·ro·ra
Pronunciation: /əˈrôrə/

Entry from US English dictionary

1A city in north central Colorado, east of Denver; population 319,057 (est. 2008).
2An industrial city in northeastern Illinois; population 171,782 (est. 2008).

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There are 3 main definitions of Aurora in English:


Line breaks: aur¦ora
Pronunciation: /ɔːˈrɔːrə

noun (plural auroras or aurorae /-riː/)

1A natural electrical phenomenon characterized by the appearance of streamers of reddish or greenish light in the sky, especially near the northern or southern magnetic pole. The effect is caused by the interaction of charged particles from the sun with atoms in the upper atmosphere. In northern and southern regions it is respectively called aurora borealis or Northern Lights and aurora australis or Southern Lights.
[borealis from Latin, 'northern', based on Greek Boreas, the god of the north wind; australis from Latin, 'southern', from Auster 'the south, the south wind']
More example sentences
  • The Hubble Space Telescope has spotted auroras near the poles of both Saturn and Jupiter.
  • Gaps in the magnetosphere also allow for one of Earth's most beautiful, eerie phenomena: the aurora borealis, or northern lights.
  • Bound to the Earth, our only naturally occurring experience with space weather comes from what we can see with our eyes: eclipses, comets, auroras, and sunspots.
2 literary The dawn.


late Middle English (originally in sense 2): from Latin, 'dawn, goddess of the dawn'. sense 1 dates from the early 18th century.



More example sentences
  • Nevertheless, the potential exists for periods of strong auroral storm conditions developing during the next several days (at least).
  • There was an exceptional auroral glow over the entire sky.
  • Severe solar weather is often heralded by dramatic auroral displays, northern and southern lights, and magnetic storms that occasionally affect satellites, radio communications and power systems.

Definition of Aurora in:

There are 3 main definitions of Aurora in English:


Line breaks: Aur¦ora
Pronunciation: /ɔːˈrɔːrə
Roman Mythology
Goddess of the dawn. Greek equivalent Eos.

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