There are 2 main definitions of aye in English:

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aye 1

Pronunciation: /ʌɪ/
(also ay)


1 archaic or dialect Said to express assent; yes: aye, you’re right there
More example sentences
  • So, mind that ye put in water right away, aye and a drop or two of Irish Whiskey will help.
  • Oh aye, sorry I was miles away, I'll be right there.
  • Oh aye, I miss it, but it's the homework I miss most of all.
1.1 (aye aye) Nautical A response accepting an order: aye aye, captain
More example sentences
  • Carlis says he doesn't think ‘aye aye’ is a dignified response.
  • All the Joint Chiefs except for Barrow had said, aye aye, sir, we'll go over to Congress to testify in favor of eliminating restrictions on women in combat.
  • In the Marine Corps, the nautical expression "Aye, Aye, Sir" is used when acknowledging a verbal order.
1.2(In voting) I assent: all in favour say aye
More example sentences
  • Representatives from IBM, Toshiba, Hitachi, Iomega, Microsoft, Phoenix, Absolute Software, and Circuit Assembly voted aye.
  • Speaker Neil Andrew asked those in favour to say aye.
  • Mr. Chairman, 11 members have voted aye, 27 members have voted no.


An affirmative answer, especially in voting: the House divided: Ayes 211, Noes 271
More example sentences
  • As I went through voting I noticed at least what I saw were all ayes.
  • But a source present at the bishops’ meeting said the measure was approved with almost no debate, on a voice vote with a lusty chorus of ayes.
  • If one goes to the application book, volume 1, page 23, line 30, it can be seen that it is recorded that the result of the division, this is on the second reading: ayes 14 and noes 13.


the ayes have it

The affirmative votes are in the majority.
Example sentences
  • There do not appear to be any contributions to be made to that debate, he said and went through ‘the ayes have it’ speech again.
  • I started in the No camp but putting myself on both sides of the fence, I now think that the ayes have it.
  • The Speaker acknowledged that she was right in what she said but the Motion had been put to the vote and the ayes had had it.


Late 16th century: probably from I, first person personal pronoun, expressing assent.

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There are 2 main definitions of aye in English:

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aye 2

Pronunciation: /eɪ/


archaic or Scottish
Always or still: I’ve aye fancied seeing Edinburgh
More example sentences
  • I’ve aye fancied mysel’ as the Gala Queen.


for aye

archaic or Scottish Forever: I shall treasure the memory for aye
More example sentences
  • If we can do that, the banner of one nation can be unfurled by the warm breath of our various gods, sent to caress our souls - and to God be the glory for aye and for aye.
  • The corresponding English proverb states: ‘He that would live for aye, Must eat sage in May.’
  • He who has once been happy is for aye out of destruction's reach.


Middle English: from Old Norse ei, ey; related to Latin aevum 'age' and Greek aie(i) 'ever', aiōn 'aeon'.

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