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Line breaks: bab¦ble
Pronunciation: /ˈbab(ə)l


[no object]
  • 2 (usually as adjective babbling) (Of a stream) make the continuous murmuring sound of water flowing over stones: a gently babbling brook
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    • Not far away was a clear, babbling stream of fresh water from the top of the mountain.
    • On the soundproofed pastel wall, a huge TV screen showed a stream babbling over rocks.
    • Trees, distant mountains, slowly rolling hills of soft grass, flowers, somewhere behind her a river or brook babbling: it was the way she had always envisioned heaven.
    burble, murmur, gurgle, purl, tinkle
    literary plash


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  • 1 [in singular] The confused sound of a group of people talking simultaneously: a babble of protest
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    • I'm picking these sounds out from the babble of the past, a raucous market fair of a landscape that stretches out as far as the eye can see.
    • From an uncertain corner in another part of the pub, there was a babble of bedlam.
    • The gorgeous changing colors of the high-tech map were accompanied by sound: the babble of many meteorologists overlaid by the powerful roar of wind and waves.
  • 1.1Foolish, excited, or confused talk: her soft voice stopped his babble
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    • She stopped her excited babble and grabbed my wrist, dragging me off to math class.
    • She does seem very quick to understand my situation from the tearful babble which comes out of me when I see her.
    • He had merely stood there, tall and silent, piercing her with his incessant gaze, until her words had died to a senseless babble.
    prattle, gabble, chatter, jabber, prating, rambling, blather, blether; gibbering, gibberish, drivel
    British informal wittering, waffle, natter, chuntering
    archaic clack, twattle
  • 1.2 [mass noun] Background disturbance caused by interference from conversations on other telephone lines.
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    • To test this, we added background babble (from the SPIN-R test) and replicated the experiment with another group of younger listeners.
    • The resulting babble of overlapping signals can confuse the receiver.
  • 2The continuous murmuring sound of water flowing over stones in a stream: the babble of a brook
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    • The sounds coming from the workshops combine with the babble of the stream to create an authentic atmosphere of the settlement of old.
    • In the silence of the grove, she heard the pleasant babble of the stream, except that it was no longer a quiet sloshing.
    • In plants, a babble of water and small molecules flows through the plasmodesmata between cells.



More example sentences
  • All my subliminal terrors are associated with my father who died in the babblement of Alzheimer's or Parkinson's disease - we were never sure which took over in the end.
  • All of this babblement makes this a delightful read-aloud, both for the listener, and for the adult reader who can have fun with the twitch-tickling wordplay.
  • Over the thought of the babblement and the scenes of the evening, arose in my mind one question touching upon the final law of being, for which I would seek answer from this sage.


Middle English: from Middle Low German babbelen, or an independent English formation, as a frequentative based on the repeated syllable ba, typical of a child's early speech.

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