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Line breaks: bald
Pronunciation: /bɔːld

Definition of bald in English:


1Having a scalp wholly or partly lacking hair: he was starting to go bald
More example sentences
  • Those stem cells could be grown up and used to get hair growing again on bald scalps.
  • I really care about my hair, I do my best in order not to go bald.
  • You don't have to go bald, but expect your wallet to get slimmer instead.
Scottish & Irish baldy
technical glabrous
archaic bald-pated
1.1(Of an animal) not covered by the usual fur, hair, or feathers: hedgehogs are born bald
More example sentences
  • A pampered pet Shih Tzu dog was left bald after a Hong Kong salon accidentally shaved him when he was taken in for a grooming, a news report said yesterday.
  • The small bald creature leapt gracefully onto the table and outstretched its whip-like tail and its long paper-thin ears.
  • Atman gave the bald creature a studying gaze, and connected another blow, directly on its chin.
1.2(Of a plant or an area of land) not covered by the usual leaves, bark, or vegetation: the bald trunks with their empty branches
More example sentences
  • The beautiful hills that used to be covered with bushes and trees are now bald.
  • Fork over bald areas, add some compost and then sow seed or patch with a piece of turf and water in well.
  • Work is being done on the pathways round the lakes in order to keep anglers to the paths and hopefully seed the bald areas.
1.3(Of a tyre) having the tread worn away: the Nissan had two bald tyres
More example sentences
  • Police in North Yorkshire yesterday launched a major clampdown on motorist who drive on worn and bald tyres in an attempt to save lives.
  • The car's tyres were bald; a fork was in the ignition; there were beer bottles all over the car and the road; and all three were aged about 18.
  • What do you think if you did the same thing, resulting in chronic underfunding of your tyre budget, driving around with bald tyres?
2Not having any extra detail or explanation; plain or blunt: the bald statement in the preceding paragraph requires amplification
More example sentences
  • One can only guess at the research and detective work that has gone into the bald details recorded for each piece.
  • Their calls for an explanation were met with bald denials from coalition spokesmen.
  • This is because interpretation is often as valuable - even more valuable at times - to readers than a bald statement of the facts.


Middle English: probably from a base meaning 'white patch', whence the archaic sense 'marked or streaked with white'. Compare with Welsh ceffyl bal, denoting a horse with a white mark on its face.


(as) bald as a coot

Completely bald.
Example sentences
  • Hence if Balde were, well, bald as a coot, knobbly-kneed or of Bunteresque physique, he would duly be ridiculed for these signs of imperfection.
  • One has luxuriant locks, their ever-changing style consuming the interests of fashion writers more interested in curling tongs than curling free-kicks; the other is as bald as a coot.
  • Have you ever heard him say ‘I'm as bald as a coot and have a massive collections of syrups’ (wigs in rhyming slang to the uninitiated)?



Example sentences
  • All bravado, Miguel rushes to her rescue, scooping up a three-inch, striped insect with threatening jaws and a large, baldish head that looks eerily human.
  • In my experience, they were all and one fattish, baldish with bowed legs.
  • The baldish guy in his conservative suit and tie looked like he wanted to crawl under the table.


sense 2.
Example sentences
  • Happily all this is stated just about as baldly and clearly as that.
  • How he got to that point, however, is clearly not as baldly obvious as the film posits.
  • With no authoritative watchdog on duty, the company baldly promised to ‘greatly improve the quality and reliability’ of its service.


Example sentences
  • The partial or complete loss of hair is known as baldness or alopecia.
  • Originally developed as a drug to reduce blood pressure, it's a complete mystery to scientists, who haven't figured out why it helps counteract baldness.
  • For a woman, even losing 50 to 100 hairs a day is normal and does not lead to baldness - because it is replaced by fresh anagen hair.

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