There are 2 main definitions of ban in English:


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verb (bans, banning, banned)

[with object]
1Officially or legally prohibit (something): parking is banned around the harbour in summer
More example sentences
  • Cars were banned from the park all day in a bid to keep traffic disruption to a minimum.
  • York tourism boats can continue to ply their trade, but rowers are banned from the river.
  • We therefore, demand that the internet be permanently banned from American homes.
prohibit, forbid, veto, proscribe, disallow, outlaw, make illegal, embargo, place an embargo on, bar, debar, block, stop, put a stop to, put an end to, suppress, interdict;
1.1Officially prevent (someone) from doing something: her son was banned for life from the Centre
More example sentences
  • Part of his bail condition bans him from the Hoover Drive area.
  • To ban him presumably would be discrimination against people with bent arms.
  • Magistrates issued the ASBO which bans him from parts of Penhill estate and includes a curfew after hearing Liam led a gang of louts who terrorised residents.
exclude, banish, expel, eject, evict, drive out, force out, oust, remove, get rid of, drum out, thrust out, push out, turn out;
prohibit from entering
informal boot out, kick out, give someone the boot
British informal turf out


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1An official or legal prohibition: a proposed ban on cigarette advertising a three-year driving ban
More example sentences
  • Hunt supporters were today preparing a legal challenge to the ban on hunting which they claim will put more than 250 people out of work across Hampshire.
  • The government of Indian-administered Kashmir is to launch a legal challenge to a ban on the weaving and trading of the world's most expensive shahtoosh shawl.
  • The Times & Citizen leads with the report that the Oakley Hunt is vowing to continue despite the possibility of a legal ban on fox-hunting.
prohibition, veto, proscription, embargo, bar, suppression, stoppage, interdict, interdiction, moratorium, injunction
1.1An official exclusion of a person from an organization, country, or activity: a ban on dangerous jet-ski riders
More example sentences
  • But investor groups want an out-right ban on analysts participating in all investment banking activities.
  • He said it was a very well known fact that the penalty for dragging the association to the court of law was a life ban from all football activities organised under the auspices of FAZ.
  • It notes the evidence before the domestic courts to the effect that the European countries operating a blanket legal ban on homosexuals in their armed forces are now in a small minority.
1.2 historical A sentence of outlawry: the Presbyterians were under the ban of the law
2 archaic A curse: the land might be smitten by the ban which once fell upon the Canaanites
More example sentences
  • Once enacted, the ban cannot be undone, even if the person has a change of heart, Severns said…
  • He said soccer fans were an integral part of the soccer revolution anywhere in the world and cited cases when teams had failed to perform well once a ban was imposed on them to play in an empty stadium.


Old English bannan 'summon by a public proclamation', of Germanic origin, reinforced by Old Norse banna 'curse, prohibit'; the noun is partly from Old French ban 'proclamation, summons, banishment'.



More example sentences
  • I've found a way to write a bannable book but not have it banned.
  • Pretty soon he's going to install a feature that automatically bans people if they even think of posting anything bannable.
  • I have never seen a game in which there was a clear list of bannable offences posted on the website.

Definition of ban in:

There are 2 main definitions of ban in English:


Line breaks: ban
Pronunciation: /bɑːn

noun (plural bani /ˈbɑːni/)

A monetary unit of Romania, equal to one hundredth of a leu.
More example sentences
  • If you want milk you have to ask for it and it costs extra (often 50 bani or 5000 old lei) and is usually a single creamer and not real milk.
  • It costs 50 bani, which is about 8 cents Australian.
  • Bus, tram and trolleybus tickets cost 70 bani and can be purchased at any RATB kiosk.



Definition of ban in: