Definition of bastardize in English:

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Pronunciation: /ˈbɑːstədʌɪz/
(also bastardise)


[with object]
1 (often as adjective bastardized) Corrupt or debase (a language, art form, etc.), typically by adding new elements: a strange, bastardized form of French
More example sentences
  • The low status of pidgin and Creole languages is generally a consequence of the fact that they have not been regarded as fully-fledged languages, but as corrupt and bastardized versions of some other language.
  • But cyber-English has its limitations - and isn't about to further bastardize the language in the real world.
  • Please stop bastardising the language and GET YOUR GRAMMAR RIGHT.
adulterate, corrupt, contaminate, weaken, dilute, spoil, taint, pollute, foul, defile, debase, degrade, devalue, depreciate, distort
formal vitiate
2 archaic Declare (someone) illegitimate: he hopes to annul the marriage and bastardize the issue
More example sentences
  • The following month, Mary's first Parliament acknowledged the validity of Catherine of Aragon's marriage, by implication bastardizing Elizabeth once more.
  • He had that marriage annulled, bastardizing Mary in the process.
  • I had every intention of giving it to that son of mine until he got himself bastardized.



Pronunciation: /bɑːstədʌɪˈzeɪʃ(ə)n/ /bastədʌɪˈzeɪʃ(ə)n/
Example sentences
  • And for those few people who actually did know anything about them, most considered their music to be amateurish, a joke - if not simply ridiculous, then a sick and offensive bastardization of ‘real’ music.
  • So I am meandering and it's peaceful and I am going over tomorrow night's trick in my head and I happened upon the paper products aisle, the very place they sell that bastardization of a kitchen product called plastic wrap.
  • The biggest part of it, however, was the fear that my colleagues would disapprove of the blog as a bastardization of our profession - and, by extension, a bad reflection on the scholarly side of my cv.
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