There are 3 definitions of bath in English:


Line breaks: bath
Pronunciation: /bɑːθ

noun (plural baths /bɑːðz/)

1A large container for water, used for immersing and washing the body: the bedrooms have their own bath and shower he lay in the bath
More example sentences
  • Asmodeus laid in the bath submerging herself in a deep pool of water, her eyes closed in concentration.
  • I stripped off and got in the bath, laid back and let the water begin its magic of revivifying me.
  • Downstairs, there is even a jacuzzi in the bath and a sauna.
1.1An act or process of immersing and washing one’s body in the water held by a bath: she took a long, hot bath
More example sentences
  • Start to relax an hour before bedtime with a hot bath or your favorite music.
  • There's nothing like a nice hot bath on a cold winter's day.
  • Elizabeth, after finishing her bath, continued to dress.
wash, soak, dip, shower, douche, soaping, sponging, toilet
formal or humorous ablution
1.2 (usually baths) British A building containing a public swimming pool or washing facilities: he told them to meet him at the baths they expected me to use the public baths
More example sentences
  • Pensioners in Bradford may be able to enjoy free swimming facilities at Corporation baths soon.
  • Comparatively little is known of the colonia, but there were large public buildings, including baths, and private buildings with mosaics, attesting to prosperity of a provincial capital.
  • The Romans actually were quite good at public health facilities with their public baths and aqueducts and paved streets.
1.3chiefly North American A bathroom: people are spending more money on their kitchen and bath
More example sentences
  • The main difference was one had a half bath, kind of bathroom which neither one of us liked, but a much nicer cabinet layout in the kitchen.
  • Our party space was maybe 550 square feet - which included the kitchen and a half bath.
  • The house in Houston will include guest suites with private baths, communal kitchen, living and dining rooms, a library, a family room and a manager's office.
1.4 [with modifier] A container holding a liquid in which something is immersed, typically when undergoing a process such as film developing.
More example sentences
  • After processing in this bath, the film is clear where the developed silver was and white where the remaining silver halide is.
  • Great care should be practiced to prevent the potential hazard of accumulating liquid oxygen in the liquid nitrogen bath.
  • Leaves were mounted on a Perspex holder with their lower edge touching a reservoir of dilute nutrient solution that also contained the reference bath electrode.


[with object] British Back to top  
1Wash (someone) while immersing them in a bath: how to bath a baby
More example sentences
  • Decide on a bedtime routine - such as feed your baby, bath her, then settle her in bed.
  • I went to parenting classes and learnt how to bath a baby and how to change its nappy, but I never really thought about what happened after the baby came out and was placed on my belly for me to gaze at adoringly.
  • Wendy had to show Hendry how to feed, wind and bath the baby and left him alone with her only if she went shopping.
1.1 [no object] Wash oneself while immersed in a bath: there was no hot water to bath in
More example sentences
  • It is not healthy, the children are dirty, we can not bath, the water we have we use for drinking.
  • These are the people that quite happily let me shower and bath with no hot water for 10 days, because they couldn't be bothered to fix a tap.
  • He had taken a vow before his men that he would bath in the waters of the Mediterranean; the time was right to fulfill that vow.
bathe, give/have/take a bath, wash, clean, soak, shower, douche, soap, freshen up
literary lave
formal or humorous perform one's ablutions


Old English bæth, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch bad and German Bad.


an early bath

British informal Used in reference to the sending off of a sports player during a match: the referee awarded a penalty and ordered an early bath for Thomas
More example sentences
  • No one dares answer back as Sam berates his stars and tells three of the players that they face an early bath and will not be playing in the second half.
  • Thornton's Division Six home match against bottom-of-the-table St Josephs A only lasted ten minutes before referee Jason Woodman ordered both teams to take an early bath.
  • In the story, the character was sent off during a match and takes an early bath.

take a bath

informal Suffer a heavy financial loss: even though we got stuck in a rotten gold market, our readers didn’t take a bath
More example sentences
  • It looks as if every kid in town is going splish, splash and the town's finances aren't even taking a bath.
  • Hong Kong and China shares took a bath yesterday as investors reacted negatively to rumours of a near-term interest rate increase by Beijing and renewed unrest in the Middle East.
  • As usual, this big shot walked away with a slick profit and a wink, while small investors and company employees took a bath.

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There are 3 definitions of bath in English:


Line breaks: bath
Pronunciation: /baθ


An ancient Hebrew liquid measure equivalent to about 40 litres or 9 gallons.
More example sentences
  • The Bath, equal to 72 Logs, is thus the liquid equivalent of the Ephah, also equal to 72 Logs.
  • Ancient pottery, closely corresponding to our above figure, has been found in Tell Beit Mirsim that is marked "bath'' and has a capacity of about 5 gallons.
  • The standard liquid measure in the Bible is the bath.


from Hebrew baṯ.

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There are 3 definitions of bath in English:


Line breaks: Bath
Pronunciation: /bɑːθ
A spa town in SW England; population 81,600 (est. 2009). The town was founded by the Romans, who called it Aquae Sulis, and was a fashionable spa in the 18th and early 19th centuries.



adjective & noun
More example sentences
  • The Jurassic outcrop across England has provided many varieties of stone - some, including the various Bathonian oolites from around Bath, used extensively, others, like the Northampton Sand sandstone, with more local distribution.
  • From Late Triassic to Bathonian time, evolution of the southern tract appears to have differed from that of its northern counterpart.
  • ‘Will you and the queen kindly step out on the Bathonian ground, King Estor,’ she said.

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