Definition of bathe in English:

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Pronunciation: /beɪð/


[no object]
1Wash by immersing one’s body in water: she was advised to bathe or shower daily
More example sentences
  • People used the same water to bathe, wash their cows and drink,’ Bascombe related.
  • But what if the upstream community wants to use the water to bathe and wash clothes, and the result will be a shortage of drinking water for the downstream community?
  • In other news, I got to bathe in running water tonight!
1.1 [with object] Soak or wipe gently with liquid to clean or soothe: she bathed and bandaged my knee
More example sentences
  • Use cotton wool, or a pad for removing make-up, to soak up this mix and gently bathe the eyes.
  • Hop Sing continued to gently bathe the wound; although there was little point it offered some comfort and hope to the young man.
  • After meals, gently bathe the site with warm salt water (one teaspoon of table salt to a glass).
cleanse, clean, wash, rinse, wet, moisten;
soak, immerse;
1.2 [with object] North American Wash (someone) in a bath: they bathed the baby
More example sentences
  • Anyway, with my terrier, sometimes I bathe her to wash the allergens off.
  • In the naming ritual, the grandmother kneels and washes the mother's hair, then bathes the baby.
  • No one ever taught me how to actually bathe a baby!
2chiefly British Swim or spend time in the sea or a lake, river, or pool for pleasure: occasionally I bathed in the lido swimming pool
More example sentences
  • I would land from time to time and swim and bathe in the lake and watch as white birds lifted from the water and soared off to the clouds.
  • Summer now exists only as a vague memory, a time when all was warm and I bathed in lakes and pools and kissed and danced (possibly).
  • Both men and donkeys stepped into the cool waters of the river, bathed and then spent some time under the green shady trees.
swim, go swimming, take a dip, dip, splash around
3 [with object] Suffuse or envelop in something: the park lay bathed in sunshine
More example sentences
  • And at winter dusk, sky and snow are bathed in delicate colours which linger for hours.
  • On a sunny Sunday that is unseasonably warm, the Pawson household is bathed in light and filled with the smell of roasting lamb.
  • Kita was immediately bathed in a pool of white light.
suffuse, envelop, permeate, cover, pervade, wash, saturate, imbue, fill, load, impregnate, inform, steep, colour
literary mantle


[in singular] British
An act or spell of swimming or spending time in the water: a bathe in the cold North Sea
More example sentences
  • I asked Dr Nigam: ‘Do you really believe that a bathe in the Ganges can cancel out a lifetime of sin?’
  • Odysseus tries to take neither a bathe nor bedding, but she insists.
  • International Women's Day was marked in Moscow yesterday with a mass bathe.
swim, dip, dive, plunge, paddle


Old English bathian, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch and German baden.

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