Definition of betcha in English:


Line breaks: betcha
Pronunciation: /ˈbɛtʃə


Bet you (used to express confidence or certainty that something is the case or will happen): betcha can’t leave without at least one home-made goody from the bakery counter I betcha 98% of Americans wouldn’t know who he is
More example sentences
  • But when I get asked about local artists of the 60s, or how to apply for film grants, or Roman archaeological finds in Great Britain: You betcha!
  • In other sports news (and betcha didn't know neo-cons did sports commentary, eh?)
  • When the results came out, every pregnant mouse that had ever consumed the equivalent of 266,000 times as many apples as the average pre-schooler was thinking twice about it, you betcha.


you betcha

Used to express certainty or as a strongly positive response: Had she pictured herself in a Broadway role? You betcha ‘You have everything under control?’ ‘You betcha!’
More example sentences
  • That merited a high-five, you betcha.
  • You betcha this Minnesota guy was willing to be interviewed!
  • Anyhow, she was intelligent too, you betcha, the smartest kitty cat I've ever known.

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