Definition of bishop in English:

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Pronunciation: /ˈbɪʃəp/


1A senior member of the Christian clergy, usually in charge of a diocese and empowered to confer holy orders.
Example sentences
  • The spiritual peerage consists of the archbishops and diocesan bishops of the Church of England.
  • The brothers' father was also an Anglican bishop of Low Church or Evangelical faith.
  • The understanding of the role of the bishop in a diocese involves seeing the bishop as representing Jesus Christ among the priests and people of his diocese.
2 (also bishop bird) An African weaver bird, the male of which has red, orange, yellow, or black plumage.
  • Genus Euplectes, family Ploceidae: several species, including the red bishop (E. orix), which has scarlet plumage with a black face and underparts
Example sentences
  • Such costs should influence the female's decision of where to start a breeding attempt and might explain why female red bishops do not show a preference for males with many nests.
  • I believe the bird upper right in the above photo is an Orange Bishop (Euplectes franciscanus).
  • The cuckoo was taken from the nest of a red bishop bird.
3A chess piece, typically with its top shaped like a mitre, that can move in any direction along a diagonal on which it stands. Each player starts the game with two bishops, one moving on white squares and the other on black.
Example sentences
  • Every chess bishop moves on a diagonal, and none of those on black squares ever move to white squares (in the same game).
  • Black simply sacrifices one of the bishops for White's remaining pawn.
  • But this resulted in the immediate loss of a piece as Adams took a pawn with his bishop attacking the black queen.
4 [mass noun] Mulled and spiced wine.
Example sentences
  • Glogg, gluhwein, poker beer, bishop, toddy, hot punch, flip, rumfustian, and wassail are all of the warmed spirit family.
  • The 2005 Glaetzer Bishop is dense plum/purple in colour, with crushed black pepper, liquorice and anise on the nose.
  • It is sometimes called “purple wine” and received the name “bishop” from its colour.


Old English biscop, bisceop, based on Greek episkopos 'overseer', from epi 'above' + -skopos '-looking'.

  • The meaning of Old English biscop is literally ‘overseer’, from Greek episkopos, formed from epi ‘above’ and -skopos ‘-looking’.

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