Definition of bowl someone over in English:

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bowl someone over

1Knock someone down: he was almost bowling people over in his haste
More example sentences
  • they fling themselves onto an unsuspecting Connor, bowling him over and knocking him against a wall
  • Drake gasped as the woman's knee came up quickly to connect with his midsection, knocking the wind out of him and bowling him over.
  • The spectre shoved the corpse into a nearby gathering of troops, surprising them briefly when he charged into them, bowling them to the ground.
knock down, knock over, bring down, fell, floor, prostrate;
catch off balance
1.1 informal Greatly impress someone by one’s good qualities, looks, or achievements: when he met Angela he was just bowled over by her
More example sentences
  • Speaking from his base in New York, the Wet, Wet, Wet frontman with the twinkly eyes and winning smile, explained he was bowled over by the quality of the songs in Chicago.
  • Rather, it was built to impress man, bowl him over with its magnitude, and remind him what an insignificant twit he really is.
  • Once again I was bowled over by the quality of the dancers.
overwhelm, astound, amaze, astonish, surprise, impress, overawe, dumbfound, stagger, stun, daze, bewilder, nonplus, shock, startle, shake, take aback, leave open-mouthed, leave aghast;
take someone's breath away, strike dumb, catch off balance
informal knock for six, knock sideways, throw, floor, flabbergast, faze, blow someone's mind, blow away
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