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Pronunciation: /brat


derogatory or humorous
A child, typically one that is badly behaved: she’s been acting like a spoiled brat all evening presumably this is where people dump their brats so they can shop in relative peace
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  • I've helped bring up the brats children of friends etc., although obviously that's no real comparison with the real thing.
  • But the all-out award for nauseating singing has to go to the demonic brats who attend England Schoolboy matches.
  • They will boycott classes and become violent at the flimsiest of excuses and generally behave like spoilt brats.
badly behaved child, spoilt child;
rascal, wretch, imp, whippersnapper;
minx, chit
informal monster, horror
North American informal hellion
archaic jackanapes


mid 16th century: perhaps an abbreviation of synonymous Scots bratchet, from Old French brachet 'hound, bitch'; or perhaps from dialect brat 'rough garment, rag', based on Old Irish bratt 'cloak'.



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  • ‘I was a very brattish child who needed something to do,’ he says.
  • The 25-year-old has revitalised a team that was beginning to show its age, and with this a certain jaundice, before the breathtaking pace and ability that are wrapped up in his bold and brattish approach began to be felt.
  • It might seem brattish to some, but I was young, in London and ready to party.


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  • All too often, John serves up a kind of tantrummy brattishness, laced with a considerable dollop of self-pity.
  • She is especially vigilant for the first signs of the brattishness that sometimes afflicts children.
  • All those years of brattishness are finally showing up on your face.


adjective (brattier, brattiest)
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  • Not at all what I was expecting: a bratty star son.
  • To begin with, the various stereotypes about the bleak, defeated East and the exuberant, bratty West don't hold up when the shows are examined one work at a time.
  • That's my conclusion as I watch elderly pensioners and bratty urchins help themselves to grapes, apples and pears at my local stores.

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