Definition of call someone out in English:

call someone out

1Summon someone to deal with an emergency or to do repairs: patients are to be told to stop calling doctors out unnecessarily at night
More example sentences
  • Last month we had to call the doctor out because the stress of all this had sent Hilary's muscles into spasm.
  • So, to beat the system, I've requested that we call the electrician out again.
  • I've had to call the police out a couple of times, and the problem has been and gone over the years, depending on her medication.
2Order or advise workers to strike.
More example sentences
  • Splinter groups of communists and Trotskyists fought for supremacy on the shop floor, calling workers out on strike and typifying the industrial travails of the time.
  • We urge the CWU not to call our people out on strike action, which can only hurt our customers.
  • The Fire Brigades Union called its 50,000 members out on strikes last November.
3 (also call someone out on something, call someone on something) North American Draw critical attention to someone’s unacceptable actions or behaviour: people were calling him out for his negative comments Dan had called her out on a couple of contradictions in her story she called him on his claim that the media were doing a bad job of covering the economy
More example sentences
  • She gets the whole house riled up, then walks away like nothing happened, and nobody calls her on it.
  • The pay's good, and hardly anyone will call you on your decisions when you're wrong.
  • Rip the cloak of secrecy off abuse and openly call out every abuser by name; perhaps some real change would begin.
4 archaic Challenge someone to a duel.
More example sentences
  • Steve told Clarence that I called him out, but that he wouldn't fight me.
  • I'll call him out and we'll settle this once and for all.
  • When he is called out to fight a duel, Boris cannot pull the trigger.
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