Definition of calumny in English:


Line breaks: cal|umny
Pronunciation: /ˈkaləmni

noun (plural calumnies)

[mass noun]
1The making of false and defamatory statements about someone in order to damage their reputation; slander: a bitter struggle marked by calumny and litigation
More example sentences
  • You risk committing the sin of calumny.
  • It pains us to be a subject of real calumny, unjustifiably so.
  • When I buy Frank magazine and pass it around, I am doing evil for I am sharing in the sin of detraction and calumny.
slander, defamation (of character), character assassination, misrepresentation of character, evil-speaking, calumniation, libel; scandalmongering, malicious gossip, muckraking, smear campaign, disparagement, denigration, derogation, aspersions, vilification, traducement, obloquy, verbal abuse, backbiting, vituperation, revilement, scurrility; lies, slurs, smears, untruths, false accusations, false reports, insults, slights
informal mud-slinging
North American informal bad-mouthing
archaic contumely
1.1 [count noun] A false and slanderous statement: a change in the law would prevent the press from publishing calumnies
More example sentences
  • This is a well-worn calumny.
  • It creates a nexus of links that increase the chance that the calumny will come to the top of a google search.
  • Could it have been those allegiances that in some way led her to purvey such calumnies?

verb (calumnies, calumnying, calumnied)

[with object] formal Back to top  
Slander (someone).
More example sentences
  • That passage takes us closer to the reason why he has been hated and calumnied for so long.
  • What I don't believe is that it is necessary to calumny it with things it does not teach or believe.
  • She has exposed herself to calumny from nearly all sides and may have dealt her career a mortal blow.


late Middle English: from Latin calumnia.



Pronunciation: /kəˈlʌmnɪəs/
More example sentences
  • I intend to hear nothing more of your calumnious fabrications.
  • As it completes one year of calumnious existence, and rings in a new millennium of slander and misrepresentation, we would like to brag.
  • Commenters have left all kinds of comments to posts that the authors of those posts find objectionable, even calumnious.

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