Definition of carcass in English:

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Pronunciation: /ˈkɑːkəs/
(British also carcase)


1The dead body of an animal: she saw the mud-covered carcass of a sheep
More example sentences
  • Filth, carcasses of dead animals, garbage and polythene floating on the water and piling up at the embankments narrates the horrific story about the present condition of the stream.
  • Possessing keen vision, the vulture can see the carcasses of dead animals and the movements and activities of other scavengers, birds, or mammals from great distances.
  • Often, during natural disasters, mosquitoes and dead animal carcasses may present disease problems.
1.1The trunk of an animal such as a cow, sheep, or pig, for cutting up as meat: the carcass has a high proportion of meat to bone
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  • A prototype of a newly patented device tested at a large midwestern beef packing plant can successfully detect small amounts of fecal matter on meat animal carcasses.
  • To get as much meat from animal carcasses as possible, slaughterhouses use two methods that may contaminate meat with spinal cord tissue.
  • Stowing away on a meat truck, animal carcasses swung from hooks.
1.2The remains of a cooked bird after all the edible parts have been removed.
Example sentences
  • Stir the red wine into the roasting tin, add the carcass and cook in the oven for 10 minutes, then remove from the oven but do not switch it off.
  • Roughly chop the remaining carcasses and set aside.
  • Reserve the remainder of the carcasses for the sauce.
1.3 humorous A person’s body, living or dead: my obsession will last while there’s life in this old carcass
More example sentences
  • Looking back, he saw ten men-six on horseback-surrounding the motionless carcass that was the old man.
  • It's now clear to me that the Alpha Male is a dinosaur, dragging his hopeless old carcass across a desolate desert and finding no water, no sustenance and is almost history.
  • It is unarguable that 40 is older than 20, and I guess quoting Eliot says it all: how last century can a creaking old ague-ridden carcass get?
body, person, self;
North American informal butt
British vulgar slang arse
North American vulgar slang ass
1.4The structural framework of a building, ship, or piece of furniture.
Example sentences
  • The road into Nablus circuits the gaping carcasses of buildings that, I am told, have been destroyed by tanks; the road itself is cracked by the passage of heavily armoured tanks.
  • It's like the heat, the flies, the carcasses of buildings, the broken streets and the haphazard walls coming up out of nowhere all over the city… it has become a part of life.
  • In the end, they used two high-definition cameras to film the shores covered in ship carcasses.
1.5The remains of something: automotive carcasses stripped of radios, hubcaps and even body panels
More example sentences
  • The fact that Naik still gives it primacy is appropriate, since we have persisted in dragging this rotting carcass of a social structure with us into the new century.
  • Once a mining center, Goldfield is now a crumbling carcass, a living ghost town of 300 people.
  • Charred carcasses of cars were tossed in deep craters along entire blocks that were pulverized.


Middle English: from Anglo-Norman French carcois, variant of Old French charcois; in later use from French carcasse; of unknown ultimate origin.

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