Definition of carrier in English:

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Pronunciation: /ˈkarɪə/


1A person or thing that carries, holds, or conveys something: water carriers
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  • The weather, though rather cloudy, was ideal for the occasion and in case dehydration set in plenty of water carriers were on standby.
  • They will act as emergency water pumps and carriers and have been equipped to act as mobile workshops to maintain water supplies.
  • Then, the main body of troops/engineers/water carriers will arrive and pretend to be soldiers before, I suspect, running home very quickly.
bearer, conveyor, transporter;
porter, runner, courier, delivery man, delivery woman, haulier
dated carman
1.1British A carrier bag: a plastic carrier
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  • I had started out with a buying fund of ten pounds and, by the time I'd walked up and down row after row of stalls, I had a couple of bits stuffed into my new bag and a plastic carrier filled with little goodies.
  • Ironically, the manufacture and disposal of paper bags has a bigger environmental ‘footprint’ than plastic carriers.
  • These range from linen ‘eco-bags’ to thick plastic carriers and paper bags.
2A person or company that undertakes the professional conveyance of goods or people: the instruments can be sent by carrier
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  • Private carriers for a York parcel delivery company were today rejoicing at the news that they are to be paid at last.
  • Since then, both carriers have undertaken costly modifications to ensure there can be no repetition of the disaster which killed all 109 people on board as well as four on the ground.
  • Tourism Ireland is also involved in co-operative marketing with carriers and the travel trade and promotions include new air services into the country.
2.1A vessel or vehicle for transporting goods in bulk: the largest timber carrier ever to dock at Sharpness
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  • Taylor added today would also see the port a lot busier than normal with three car carriers and two container vessels due to dock by noon.
  • More than 80 Land Rovers, trucks and all-terrain vehicles, ambulances, forklifts and bulk fuel carriers have been marked in regiment colours for the deployment.
  • China could use these vessels as helicopter carriers.
2.2An aircraft carrier: aircraft from the carrier Illustrious attacked the Italian fleet
More example sentences
  • The 32 warships of the Royal Navy included five carriers, six cruisers, seven destroyers, and 14 frigates.
  • Once he learned of the disaster that had struck his carriers, Admiral Yamamoto, still hundreds of miles to the west with the main battlegroup, reversed course.
  • Type 22 frigate HMS Cumberland has been lending one of the Royal Navy's carriers a hand during a crucial training period.
2.3A company that provides facilities for conveying telecommunications messages: Japan’s biggest international telecoms carrier is Singapore Telecom
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  • Its most valuable customers are those with complex networking needs, and increasingly telecommunication carriers and internet service providers.
  • This new company would serve multi-national business customers, international carriers and Internet service providers worldwide.
  • It is now up to cellular carriers and application providers to offer the right products and services to meet this demand.
3A person or animal that transmits a disease-causing organism to others, especially without suffering from it themselves: the badger is a carrier of bovine tuberculosis
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  • Asymptomatic carriers can introduce the organism into new populations.
  • Approximately two-thirds of these people with chronic infection do not themselves get sick or die of the virus, but they are carriers and can transmit it to other people.
  • The farmers were asking for government subsidies for the losses they have suffered due to fears that the animals are potential carriers of the virus.
3.1An individual that possesses a particular gene, especially as a single copy whose effect is masked by a dominant allele, so that the associated characteristic (such as a hereditary disease) is not displayed but may be passed to offspring: the husband and wife may both be carriers of the same recessive gene, with a 25% chance of a diseased child
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  • There is a 50% chance with each pregnancy that a carrier female will pass on the abnormal recessive gene.
  • A male can't pass the gene for hemophilia to his sons, though all his daughters will be carriers of the disease gene.
  • If no disease is present then the gene is recessive; the person is a carrier, but may pass on the defective gene to the offspring.
4A substance used to support or convey another substance such as a pigment, catalyst, or radioactive material.
Example sentences
  • Use caution when using a nitrogen fertilizer as the carrier in mixtures.
  • Quinine and caffeine are two distinguished carriers of such alkaloids.
  • Castor oil is also a source of glycerine, and the combination of glycerine and hydroxy fatty acids makes it an excellent emollient and pigment carrier.
4.1 Physics short for charge carrier.
4.2 Biochemistry A molecule that transfers a specified molecule or ion within the body, especially across a cell membrane.
Example sentences
  • The transcellular pathway involves the movement of ions across the cytoplasm via plasma membrane channels, carriers, and exchangers.
  • Like insulin, glucagon lacks a plasma carrier protein, and like insulin its circulating half life is also about 5 minutes.
  • Today we recognise that viruses are gene carriers just as lipoproteins are the cholesterol/fatty acid carriers of the body's circulatory system.

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