Definition of charismatic in English:

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Pronunciation: /karɪzˈmatɪk/


1Exercising a compelling charm which inspires devotion in others: he was a charismatic figure with great appeal to the public
More example sentences
  • Such leaders are often charismatic figures who compel by sheer force of personality.
  • Cantona was never one to berate or cajole teammates, but on the pitch or training ground he was a huge, charismatic figure who inspired fellow players.
  • These shifts in his personality explain why he is both a compelling and charismatic leader while also getting involved in so many criminal enterprises.
charming, fascinating, full of personality, strong in character;
magnetic, mesmerizing, captivating, bewitching, beguiling, attractive, appealing, alluring, hypnotic;
magical, glamorous
2Relating to the charismatic movement in the Christian Church.
Example sentences
  • The three uniting congregations were an Independent Holiness Church, a charismatic House Church, and a Brethren Assembly.
  • Those that don't fit into that category include chaplains from charismatic and other evangelical churches.
  • He got started at 20, when his local charismatic Christian church told him he didn't have enough experience for conventional missions.
2.1(Of a power or talent) divinely conferred: charismatic prophecy
More example sentences
  • Women and men with charismatic powers to heal and contact God originate and lead their own sects.
  • In ancient Egypt, charismatic prophecy apparently was not commonplace, if it occurred at all, though institutional prophecy was of the greatest importance.
  • Practicing charismatic prophecy, many of Montanus's followers were women, who were allowed to teach, heal, and exorcise demons.


1An adherent of the charismatic movement.
Example sentences
  • Center stage is now occupied by Pentecostals, charismatics, evangelicals, fundamentalists, conservative Baptists and Lutherans, and select Roman Catholic writers and movements.
  • Within Protestantism, numerical growth and spiritual dynamism seem to have migrated to evangelicals, Pentecostals and charismatics, especially in non-Western countries.
  • It was not long before charismatic influences penetrated the Roman Catholic Church, and Catholic charismatics were embraced by other charismatics as bona fide brethren on the basis of a shared ‘spiritual’ experience.
1.1A person who claims divine inspiration.
Example sentences
  • This article will further buttress John D. Hannah's recent claim that contemporary charismatics are misappropriating Edwards's theology as they seek to justify prophecy as a continuing gift for today.
  • In his youth, Machiavelli had watched Savonarola from afar; the great religious charismatic was both anti-Renaissance and opposed to the new merchant class that was emerging.
  • But he was instead an apostle, an ad hoc theologian, a proclaimer, a charismatic who saw visions and spoke in tongues - and a religious genius.



Example sentences
  • She charismatically relates how exposure to the process altered both her interest in photography and her experience of the subjects.
  • ‘Hello, Josef,’ he said in his charismatically rough voice.
  • As he talked, he was learning, slowly, about the business and finding ways to charismatically talk to others so that he could hold their attention.


Late 19th century: from Greek kharisma, kharismat- 'charisma', + -ic.

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