Definition of chaste in English:

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Pronunciation: /tʃeɪst/


1Abstaining from extramarital, or from all, sexual intercourse: what is required of celibate Catholic clergy is to remain chaste
More example sentences
  • In 1997 the denomination amended its constitution to stipulate that in order to be ordained as a church leader, a person must live in a committed heterosexual relationship or be chaste.
  • Now this was according to God's will, so that the church might be provided with pure altar bread made by the hands of a chaste and innocent youth.
  • Despite a law that requires all unmarried clergy to remain chaste, she didn't hide the nature of her relationship.
virginal, virgin, intact, maidenly, maiden, unmarried, unwed;
innocent, pure, pure as the driven snow, guiltless, sinless, free of sin, uncorrupted, incorrupt, uncontaminated, undefiled, unsullied;
virtuous, good, decent, moral, proper, decorous, demure, modest, wholesome, upright
informal squeaky clean
Christianity  immaculate
literary vestal
rare continent
1.1Not having any sexual nature or intention: a chaste, consoling embrace
More example sentences
  • For Nietzsche, there is no modesty, no chaste self-governing in the sexual antagonism and the unrestrained gift of the woman.
  • Oh, they flirt casually, make eyes at each other, and share a chaste embrace or two, but we never see anything that makes us say, ‘Now they're a couple.’
  • They embraced in a chaste kiss that was long over due.
non-sexual, friendly, platonic, innocent
1.2Without unnecessary ornamentation; simple or restrained: chaste Classical symmetry
More example sentences
  • He was, according to one of his many illustrious pupils, ‘a charming teacher, so simple, unaffected and sincere in manner, so chaste in style, so clear in demonstration’.
  • It stood pure, chaste, pious and impenetrable.
  • His diction is pure and chaste, and has all the dignity which the subject requires and all the grace of which it admits.
plain, simple, bare, unadorned, undecorated, unornamented, unembellished, restrained, unaffected, unpretentious, unfussy, uncluttered, functional, without frills, spartan, austere, ascetic, monastic
informal no-frills



Pronunciation: /ˈtʃeɪstli/
Example sentences
  • In my daydreams she said she would leave her husband for me, then kissed me chastely on the forehead.
  • Maybe its just that you need to understand the conventions of Bollywood - for instance, the lovers never kiss, just embrace chastely, preferably in front of a massive florid sunset.
  • As you would expect from a historian of Molony's distinction, his autobiography is written chastely, elegantly, self-critically and charitably.


Pronunciation: /ˈtʃeɪstnəs/
Example sentences
  • Three women holding bands, entwining, have the chasteness of young girls frolicking on a beach.
  • Her chasteness was somehow the outward proof, the external manifestation, of a potential for sexual abandon all the more alluring for being hidden, invisible.
  • The passage has an almost classical chasteness.


Middle English: from Old French, from Latin castus.

  • caste from mid 16th century:

    The general sense in early use was ‘race, breed’. It is from Spanish and Portuguese casta ‘lineage, race, breed’, feminine of casto ‘pure, unmixed’, from Latin castus ‘chaste’, also the source of castigate (early 17th century), and chasten (mid 16th century) ‘make chaste’, and chaste (Middle English) itself. The common current use is to refer to the hereditary classes of Hindu society: Brahman (priest), Kshatriya (warrior), Vaisya (merchant or farmer), and Sudra (labourer).

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