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Line breaks: chat|ter
Pronunciation: /ˈtʃatə


[no object]
  • 1Talk informally about unimportant matters: she was chattering about her holiday
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    • There were a couple of students outside, playing a quick game, or chattering before school started, and she couched down, and watched them.
    • The door into the lobby opened again, the sound of voices chattering excitedly.
    • Water falls were alive with the crashing of water on rock, rivers trickled, birds sang, people chattered, lava boiled and fires crackled.
  • 1.1(Of a bird, monkey, or machine) make a series of short, quick high-pitched sounds: parrots chattered in the sunlight
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    • Around her, birds chattered happily to each other, and the early morning sounds of traffic could be faintly heard in the distance.
    • The monkey chattered fearfully and quickly jumped back into the midst of the tree leaves.
    • In the marshland may the fish and birds chatter.
  • 1.2(Of a person’s teeth) click repeatedly together from cold or fear: his teeth were chattering
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    • Her teeth chattered together and her face was pale from the cold.
    • His teeth chattered together so violently that he feared they would break.
    • In summer, we went swimming in the Barrow every day, and swam until we were blue with the cold, our teeth chattering as we practised for competitions.


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  • 2A series of short, quick high-pitched sounds: the starlings' constant chatter
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    • This shape is musical: along with typing in a nickname of her choice, each chatter is attributed a sound.
    • I awoke in the real dead of night to the sounds of muffled chatter and hurried movements both in front and behind.
    • The silence (other than the constant chatter of the television) is deadly.
  • 2.1Undesirable vibration in a mechanism: the wipers should operate without chatter
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    • The direct-drive AC spindle eliminates the use of gears or belts to drive the spindle and reduces vibration and chatter.


the chattering classes

British derogatory Intellectual or artistic people considered as a social group given to the expression of liberal opinions: the politically correct voice of the chattering classes
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  • The west Midlands campaign, limited so far to the Birmingham elite and chattering classes, has been partly fuelled by a sense that north Wales is doing well out of devolution.
  • But maybe class is not an issue for them because they are both now so firmly part of that powerful caste, the chattering classes.
  • This preoccupation with what the neighbours think is a classic example of the middle class morality that the chattering classes claim to despise.



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  • My nose is going to be red and sniffly and my eyes are going to be watery and my teeth are going to be chattery and I won't be numb at all.
  • It amazes me every time I come to stay here how loud and chattery the birds are.
  • Besides, he looked kind of odd in a room full of chattery people.


Middle English: imitative.

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